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  1. Jun 17, 2022 · I think my expenses this year will dip into the high 30’s because I soon won’t have a car payment anymore (yeah, yeah) I take $50,000 and subtract 15% (the IRS cut) and get $42,500! I think my expenses this year will dip into the high 30’s because I soon won’t have a car payment anymore (yeah, yeah).

  2. India banned some single-use or disposable plastic products Friday as a part of a federal plan to phase out the ubiquitous material in the nation of nearly 1.4 billion people July 01 June 30

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    Give €20 billion per year to the issue and make it part of the business practice. Approximately half of the global GDP depend on nature. In Europe many parts of the economy that generate trillions of euros per year depend on nature. The benefits of Natura 2000 alone in Europe are €200 – €300 billion per year. National level laws

  4. A forested trail goes all around the lake. Plenty of people were enjoying the water and fishing. Kids were jumping from the pedestrian bridge into the lake. The slope from the trail to the lake is very steep in places. The water is clear and seaweed is visible, making it fun to snorkel.

  5. Jun 29, 2022 · Lures are included in the trip fee. Lunch is provided for full-day trips. Maximum of three anglers per boat. Most adults will find 1 or 2 anglers per boat most comfortable, as this will allow for a full fishing frame with swivel seats and casting decks. 3-person trips utilize a more basic raft setup in which anglers sit on the tubes of the raft.

  6. The raises for many rank-and-file workers also failed to keep up with inflation, which reached 7% at the end of last year. CEO pay took off as stock prices and profits rebounded sharply as the economy roared out of its brief 2020 recession.

  7. A beautiful location that we had originally planned on hiking, fishing, and spending the entire day there. However, There were way too many people/visitors from Southern CA that were not wearing face masks nor social distancing. This was on June 29, 2020, so we can’t imagine how bad it was on the 4th of July weekend.