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  1. Learn all about using your Plenty of Fish account and profile and how to contact us! ... and how-to’s for staying safe while meeting new people online and off.

  2. Aug 25, 2020 · If you’ve discovered your account has been deleted and you’re unsure why this is, these are the main reasons for deletion. 1. You Were Unkind – You’ve Used Hate Speech, Rude, Discriminatory, Violent, or Otherwise Harmful Language. Plenty of Fish has a zero-tolerance policy for any abuse whether it’s in your profile or a message ...

  3. Apr 08, 2021 · However, in case you have forgotten your username and password, here’s what you can do to retrieve your account. Step 1: Go to the official Plenty of Fish (POF) website and tap the “Forgot Password” button. Step 2: You’ll be prompted to a new window. Enter the e-mail address you used to create your account in the first place.

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    • The Overview
    • Your Account
    • Dating Preferences
    • Your Story

    To start things off, you have to decide which platform you want to sign up on. POF is available on desktop web (that’s your OG tower computer or your laptop) or you can download the app from the Google Play Store (for all the green-bubble lovers) or the iOS Store (for my Apple friends). I’m an iPhone user, so any screenshots you see will be from the iOS app. The only thing I don’t recommend you do is sign up on your phone’s web browser. Not to sound techy, but POF isn’t optimized for mobile web, so you’ll likely come across some stuff that looks wonky if you go that route – just download the app. POF’s sign-up process has four sections dedicated to getting to know you that you’ll notice when you start making your profile: Your Account, Dating Preferences, About You, and Your Story. My first and best tip would be to carve yourself out some time to sign up without any distractions. Take the evening to chill with a glass of wine (or kombucha) and have some fun with it. Registration can...

    When you start signing up, you’ll be hit with this lovely screen: Hit continue and you’re on your way! Next up you have your basic account info – username, name, email address, and password. Choosing your usernamecan feel stressful but doesn’t have to be, just pick whatever pops into your head that feels fitting! If you’re stuck, you can always lean on your city and something you’re into. I picked “VancityFoodie” because I’m from Vancouver and I love food….pretty self-explanatory. We only need your first name after that and you can decide whether you want that shown on your profile later in your settings. When you’re deciding what email to use, make sure it’s one you know you’ll have access to for a long time! When picking a password, make sure you use a strong one that you’re not using on any other sites. If you’re not sure how to make a strong password, you can always use a password generator, then save it somewhere safe like LastPass or in your phone’s password wallet. After that...

    Now to the good stuff – what you’re looking for. The questions in this section are meant to show us who you see yourself spending time with, and what you see that time looking like, so be honest! You’ll notice that first, you have to choose your dating preference when it comes to gender. While you can only choose one or the other as your main preference for now, you can always toggle back and forth later in your search settings (and know that our team is working to improve this experience going forward). Next, you’ll see this screen asking what you’re looking for and what your intent is when it comes to dating: Keep it real here and be honest with yourself about what you’re really after when it comes to dating, there’s no right or wrong answer. This goes for the rest of these choices too. You’ll be asked what you prefer when it comes to kids vs. no kids, smoking, body type, etc. While it’s always great to have an open mindwhen it comes to dating, you also know yourself better than w...

    You’ve made it to the best part! This last section is where you get to let everyone know who you really areoutside of a bunch of pre-determined options. Your story has five sub-sections that are all equally important, don’t skimp on these bad boys!

  5. If your file is being reviewed for some reason, such as being reported by another Plenty of Fish user, your account might be temporarily suspended while the company investigates. Wait two days and then try logging in again. If you still can't access your account, look back over your recent behavior on the account.

  6. Jan 13, 2022 · Conclusion. Generally, Plenty of Fish will delete your account only if you try to violate its guidelines. We can understand the platform cares a lot about its user’s safety by the fact that it has a soft side towards females. POF only allows women to send images over messages, however, it is not the case for men.

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