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    Hypnagogic pop is pop or psychedelic music that evokes cultural memory and nostalgia for the popular entertainment of the past. It emerged in the mid to late 2000s as American lo-fi and noise musicians began adopting retro aesthetics remembered from their childhood, such as radio rock, new wave pop, lite rock, video game music, synth-pop, and R&B. Recordings circulated on cassette or Internet blogs and were typically marked by the use of outmoded analog equipment and DIY experimentation. The gen

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    The Who have been with several labels over the years. In the United Kingdom and elsewhere outside North America, they were signed originally to Brunswick Records.In 1966, they moved to Polydor Records and took the rights to their Brunswick recordings with them.

    • 26
    • 58
    • 14
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    The founding members of the Who, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and John Entwistle, grew up in Acton, London and went to Acton County Grammar School. Townshend's father, Cliff, played saxophone and his mother, Betty, had sung in the entertainment division of the Royal Air Force during World War II, and both supported their son's interest in rock and roll.

    • 1964–1983, 1989, 1996–1997, 1999–present, (one-off reunions: 1985, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1994)
    • Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend
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    Hypnagogic pop albums‎ (4 C, 3 P) M Hypnagogic pop musicians‎ (14 P) Pages in category "Hypnagogic pop" The following 3 pages are in this category, out of 3 total

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    James Ferraro (born November 7, 1986) is a musician, composer, producer, and visual artist who helped pioneer the hypnagogic pop and vaporwave… Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti 378,065 listeners

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    electronic Coined by David Keenan in the August 2009 issue of the Wire magazine, hypnagogic pop is a broad term covering a constellation of artists that, while having many different "styles", have a similar music making approach: (sometimes extremely) low fidelity production (that is intention… read more

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    Roy Nnawuchi, better known by his pseudonym Dean Blunt, is a British singer-songwriter and musician. He is best known for both his work as part of avant-garde group Hype Williams and more recently, the groups Babyfather and Blue Iverson. Blunt was also the founder of London rock band Graffiti Island. He has been described as "a prolific, category-rejecting artist" and "an art-pop provocateur."

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    Hypnagogic pop is pop music refracted through the memory of a memory. Hypnagogic realms are the ones between waking and sleeping, liminal zones where mis-hearings and hallucinations feed into formation of dreams." wire or pdf. Hypnagogic Pop is concept based and grounded in lo-fi and inspirations of prior decades music.

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    Hypnagogic pop emerged in the 2000s as a broad movement of underground Neo-Psychedelia and Noise artists who began making music unified by a similar approach: nostalgic reminiscences of 1970s/1980s popular music and consumer culture, filtered through hazy, low-fidelity production. Artists, drawing on their childhood memories, frequently employ or emulate outdated recording technology (analog synthesizers, retro FX) and privilege formats such as cassette and VHS to evoke the era.

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