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    The Iberian Romance or Ibero-Romance is an areal grouping of Romance languages that developed on the Iberian Peninsula, an area consisting primarily of Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra, and in southern France which are today more commonly separated into West Iberian and Occitano-Romance language groups.

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    The Iberian Romance, or Ibero-Romance, languages are a branch of Romance languages. They were first spoken in Iberia. There are two branches of Iberian Romance languages, Occitano-Romance and West Iberian. The main two languages in the branch are Spanish (Castilian) and Portuguese.

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    Other than the Occitano-Romance languages, most Gallo-Romance languages are subject-obligatory (whereas all the rest of the Romance languages are pro-drop languages). This is a late development triggered by progressive phonetic erosion: Old French was still a null-subject language, and this only changed upon loss of secondarily final consonants ...

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    The Iber­ian Romance, Ibero-Ro­mance or sim­ply Iber­ian languages, is an areal group­ing of Ro­mance lan­guages that de­vel­oped on the Iber­ian Penin­sula, an area con­sist­ing pri­mar­ily of Spain, Por­tu­gal, Gibral­tar and An­dorra, and in south­ern France which are today more com­monly sep­a­rated into West Iber­ian and Oc­c­i­tano-Ro­mance lan­guage groups.

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    The most spoken Romance languages are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian. They are called "Romance languages" because they originate from Latin, the language spoken by the Western Roman Empire. Their grammatical inflection system has been simplified and lost most of the complex case structure of classical Latin.

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    Spanish (español (help · info)) or Castilian (/ k æ ˈ s t ɪ l i ə n / (), castellano (help · info)) is a Romance language that originated in the Iberian Peninsula of Europe. Today, it is a global language with nearly 500 million native speakers, mainly in Spain and the Americas.

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    The Occitano-Romance or Gallo-Narbonnese (Catalan: llengües occitanoromàniques, Occitan: lengas occitanoromanicas, Aragonese: lenguas/llenguas occitanorománicas), or rarely East Iberian, is a branch of the Romance language group that encompasses the Catalan/Valencian, Occitan languages and Aragonese spoken in parts of southern France and northeastern Spain.

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