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    • Top 25 PlayStation 4 Games (Spring 2019 Update)
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    • 11 min
    • IGN Staff
    • God of War. see deal. God of War. on Amazon. God of War. On Amazon. UK readers: See it on Amazon (UK) God of Warshows an obvious level of care that went into crafting its world, characters, and gameplay, evolving a longstanding PlayStation franchise into a testament to the power of storytelling in video games, and making it our choice for the best PlayStation game, period.
    • Bloodborne. Bloodborne. On Amazon. Release Date:March 24, 2015 ● Developer: FromSoftware ● Check out our Bloodborne Wiki● Same spot on the list. UK readers: See it on Amazon (UK)
    • The Witcher 3. The Witcher 3. On Amazon. UK readers: See it on Amazon (UK) CD Projekt Red’s open-world fantasy epic immediately established the Polish studio as a major contender in the world of AAA video games.
    • Persona 5. Persona 5. On Amazon. UK readers: See it on Amazon (UK) A massive, gorgeous JRPG, Persona 5 is an engrossing adventure brimming with style and flair.
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    Welcome to IGN’s top 25 PlayStation 4 games, our bi-annually updated list of the games you should definitely check out on your PS4 or PS4 Pro. We’ve updated the list for spring 2019, making a few additions to the list, while also removing a few other games as a result.

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    Sep 30, 2020 · Need for Speed: Payback and Vampyr have been announced as PlayStation Plus' free games for October 2020. From Tuesday, October 6 until Monday, November 2, you'll be able to pick up the racing game and Dontnod's RPG vampire-'em-up for free as part of your PS Plus subscription. Need for Speed ...

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  10. Every Modern Game IGN Has Given a 10/10 - IGN
    • Seth Macy
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Reviewed August 17, 2020. From our review by Seth G. Macy: Microsoft Flight Simulator is legitimately incredible. It's difficult to fully describe how amazing it feels to jump into a plane and have the freedom fly to and from literally any place in the entire world.
    • The Last of Us, Part 2. Reviewed June 30, 2020. From our review by Jonathon Dornbush: The Last of Us Part 2 is a masterpiece worthy of its predecessor. Taking strides forward in nearly every way, Ellie steps into the spotlight and carries the sequel in a manner that feels like the culmination of everything that’s made Naughty Dog’s blockbuster storytelling so memorable since the original Uncharted on the PlayStation 3.
    • Persona 5 Royal. Reviewed May 13, 2020. From our review by TJ Hafer:Persona 5 was already a strong front-runner for being the best JRPG ever made, and Royal really gets me wondering what else could even compete.
    • Half-Life: Alyx. Reviewed March 23, 2020. Not only is Half-Life: Alyx the first game IGN has given a 10/10 since late 2018, it's also the first VR game IGN has ever awarded a "Masterpiece" score.