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  1. Aug 04, 2022 · In your TokenTax Documents screen, create and download a Form 8949 TXF. On TurboTax, select File -> Import -> From Accounting Software (Windows) or File -> Import -> From TXF Files (Mac) Select Other Financial Software (TXF file) and click Continue Select the TXF file you saved from TokenTax and click Import Now Click Done on the next screen

  2. Aug 06, 2022 · Form 8949 requires the details of each capital asset transaction. For example, if you execute stock trades during the year, some of the information you must report includes: name of the company to which the stock relates date you acquired and the date you sold the stock purchase price (or adjusted basis) sales price

  3. Aug 08, 2022 · 2 Instructions for Form 1099-DIV (01/2022) – Internal Revenue Service; 3 Online generation of Schedule D and Form 8949 for clients of Acorns; 4 Acorns hiring Director of Tax in New York, United States | LinkedIn; 5 Is Tax-Efficient Investing Possible With Acorns, Betterment, Stash; 6 Acorns Later Retirement Savings: What You Need to Know

  4. Aug 05, 2022 · The IRS provides an exemption from the Form 1099-S reporting requirement for the sale of your principal residence if you are married and your gain from the sale is $500,000 or less. If you are unmarried, gains of $250,000 or less are exempt. Those numbers are significant because a married couple will not pay the capital gains tax on the first ...

  5. Aug 08, 2022 · The IRS may send taxpayers a notice about filing past due tax returns. They should send their past due return to the address provided in the notice. Taxpayers can use the prior year forms, instructions and publications on to file past due returns or they can work with a tax professional.

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  7. Aug 06, 2022 · Instructions for Schedule D (Form 1120) (2021) - IRS tax forms. Dec 31, 2020 . Report the corporation's share of capital gains and losses from investments in partnerships, estates, or trusts on the appropriate Part of Form 8949. Report a net short-term capital gain (loss) on Part I with box C checked.

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