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  2. The 10 Best Survival Horror Games | TheGamer

    The entire Silent Hill series is a well-known survival horror franchise that began in 1999 on the PlayStation. Every entry in the series is great, but Silent Hill 2 is the game other survival horror games aspire to be. The setting and general atmosphere in Silent Hill 2 are absolutely frightening.

    • Jeff Drake
  3. Survival Horror Wiki | Fandom

    Survival Horror Wiki is a collaborative website about Survival-Horror and Horror video games in general that anyone can edit! Survival-horror is subgenre of video games that emphasizes survival, resource management, limited means and a horror based atmosphere, usually in third-person. Throughout recent years, games such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent or Dead Space have caused somewhat of an ...

  4. Survival Horror Game Devour Set To Bite Into Steam January 28

    Jan 09, 2021 · British independent video game studio Straight Back Games recently announced the Steam launch date for its upcoming co-op survival horror game, Devour. Mark your calendar for January 28, but start preparing to stop cult leader Anna Puerta before the demon possessing her drags everyone down to hell.

    • Jim Moreno
  5. With two well received games, The Evil Within is a modern throwback to what a survival horror game should and can be, with the right development team behind it. 1 Lost Its Way: Silent Hill Series

    • Adriano Valente
  6. 20 Best Survival Horror Games of All Time | Cultured Vultures

    Dec 09, 2020 · The core gameplay fits well under the action-adventure umbrella, but the game’s sanity meter ingrained it into the history of survival horror. When a character goes insane, so, too, does the player.

    • Mark Loproto
  7. Browsing Survival Horror - Steam

    Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Survival Horror products on Steam New and Trending ... Friday the 13th: The Game. Horror, Multiplayer, Survival Horror ...

  8. Rise of Nightmares is a survival horror game for the Xbox KinectRiskRim Patreon - Membership -

  9. List of horror video games - Wikipedia

    This is a list of horror video games.Horror video games are video games that narratively deal with elements of horror fiction.They comprise a variety of video game genres (e.g. platformer, shooter, adventure).

  10. All Survival Game Horror Movies - ALL HORROR

    Survival Games Horror Movies. Find every horror movie about survival games on All Horror below. Discover, rate, and watchlist the newest, best and worst movies including Saw, Would You Rather, Circle, Cube, The Platform and Vile. Then make your own custom favorites list and share them with friends!

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