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    Game design De-emphasized combat. Survival horror games are a subgenre of horror games, where the player is unable to fully prepare or arm their avatar. The player usually encounters several factors to make combat unattractive as a primary option, such as a limited number of weapons or invulnerable enemies; if weapons are available, their ammunition is sparser than in other games, and powerful ...

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    Jul 03, 2020 · For the game mode, see Survival mode. For the genre, see Survival game. Subgenre of action-adventure video games. Survival horror is a subgenre of action-adventure and horror video games that focuses on survival of the character as the game tries to frighten players with either horror graphics or scary ambience.

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  4. The 10 Best Survival Horror Games | TheGamer

    The entire Silent Hill series is a well-known survival horror franchise that began in 1999 on the PlayStation. Every entry in the series is great, but Silent Hill 2 is the game other survival horror games aspire to be. The setting and general atmosphere in Silent Hill 2 are absolutely frightening.

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    Survival horror refers to a subgenre of action-adventure video games which draws heavily upon the conventions of horror fiction. The player character is vulnerable and under-armed, which puts emphasis on puzzle-solving and evasion, rather than violence. Games commonly challenge the player to manage their inventory and ration scarce resources such as ammunition. Another major theme throughout the genre is that of isolation. Typically, these games contain relatively few non-player charactersand, as a result, frequently tell much of their story second-hand through the usage of journals, texts, or audio logs. While many action games feature lone protagonists versus swarms of enemies in a suspenseful environment, survival horror games are distinct from otherwise horror-themed action games. They tend to de-emphasize combat in favor of challenges such as hiding or running from enemies and solving puzzles. Still, it is not unusual for survival horror games to draw upon elements from first-p...

    De-emphasized combat

    Survival horror games are a subgenre of action-adventure game, where the player is unable to fully prepare or arm their avatar. The player must face a large number of enemies, but ammunition is sparser than in other games, and powerful weapons such as rocket launchers are rare, if even available at all. Thus, players are more vulnerable than in other action games, and the hostility of the environment sets up a narrative where the odds are weighed decisively against the avatar. This gameplay s...

    Enemy design

    A survival horror storyline usually involves the investigation and confrontation of horrific forces, and thus many games transform common elements from horror fiction into gameplay challenges. Early releases utilized camera angles seen in horror films, which allowed enemies to lurk in areas that are concealed from the player's view.Also, many survival horror games make use of off-screen sound or other warning cues to notify the player of impending danger. This feedback assists the player, but...


    The origins of the survival horror game can be traced back to earlier horror fiction. Archetypes have been linked to the books of H. P. Lovecraft, which include investigative narratives, or journeys through the depths. Comparisons have been made between Lovecraft's Cthulhoid Old Ones and the boss encounters seen in many survival horror games. Themes of survival have also been traced to the slasher film subgenre, where the protagonist endures a confrontation with the ultimate antagonist. Anoth...

    Golden age

    The success of Resident Evil in 1996 was responsible for its template being used as the basis for a wave of successful survival horror games, many of which were referred to as "Resident Evil clones." The golden age of survival horror started by Resident Evil reached its peak around the turn of the millennium with Silent Hill, followed by a general decline a few years later. Among the Resident Evil clones at the time, there were several survival horror titles that stood out, such as Clock Towe...


    In 2005, Resident Evil 4 attempted to redefine the genre by emphasizing reflexes and precision aiming, broadening the gameplay with elements from the wider action genre. Its ambitions paid off, earning the title several Game of the Year awards for 2005, and the top rank on IGN's Readers' Picks Top 99 Games list. However, this also led some reviewers to suggest that the Resident Evil series had abandoned the survival horror genre, by demolishing the genre conventions that it had established. O...

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    Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Survival Horror products on Steam New and Trending ... Friday the 13th: The Game. Horror, Multiplayer, Survival Horror ...

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    The Hell on Earth mod alters the game by turning it in a Silent Hill inspired Survival Horror, with an Ominous Fog, reduced ammunition loots, horrific monsters, a Dark World named "Otherworld", and an alternate background in which the apocalypse was a failed scientific experiment instead of a nuclear war, while the Legion of Caesar is turned ...

  7. 20 Best Survival Horror Games of All Time | Cultured Vultures
    • Resident Evil 2 (1998) Developer: Capcom. Publisher: Capcom. Platform(s): PC, PS1, N64, Gamecube, Dreamcast. Believe it or not, we’re not talking about the critically acclaimed 2019 remake.
    • Silent Hill 2. Developer: Konami. Publisher: Konami. Platform(s): PC, PS2, Xbox. Sometimes it seems that video games are the one place where the adage “nothing beats the original” doesn’t apply.
    • Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. Developer: Tecmo. Publisher: Tecmo. Platform(s): PS2, Xbox. In the abandoned Minakami Village, Mio and Mayu Amakura confront restless ghosts of the past in what is still one of the scariest (and best) survival horror games to date.
    • Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. Developer: Silicon Knights. Publisher: Nintendo. Platform(s): Gamecube. Not only was Eternal Darkness distributed by Nintendo, but it was also an exclusive on the GameCube, a console intended for family fun and to continue the Super Mario legacy.
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    Here are the Top 20 BEST Horror Survival Pc Games ! Which game you like the most? Post in the commentsTop 20 Survival Horror Pc games List Below20.Clive Bark...

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  9. 15 Best Survival Horror Games for PC | GAMERS DECIDE

    May 01, 2018 · Reborn is a FPS survival horror game under development from Knife Entertainment. Based in occultism and its surrounding mysticism, Reborn visually is dark, dank, bloody, and almost overwhelming. This game is different than most survival horror.

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