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    • Xbox One X: Is it better than the PS4 Pro? | Red Bull
      • Right now, the PS4 Pro has the larger library and is better priced, but a full year older. There’s no question that the Xbox One X is a far more powerful console, and if you want to play your games looking and running their best for the future, the Xbox One X is the choice. › us-en › xbox-one-x-vs-ps4-pro
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  2. Aug 13, 2020 · Winner: Xbox One X. Simply put, its CPU and GPU are more powerful than the PS4 Pro’s, and Microsoft is promising 4K gameplay at 60 fps. PlayStation 4 Pro vs Xbox One X: VR. Here's an...

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    • Overview
    • Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: specs and graphics
    • Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: appearance
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    • PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X: Virtual Reality
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    • PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X: so which is better?
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    By Nick Pino

    published 16 January 2019

    Microsoft and Sony take the fight to 4K territory

    Have gamers ever been so spoilt for choice? When the Xbox One and PS4 both launched in 2013 – within days of each other – it was clear both consoles would elevate the industry to new heights.

    The rival Sony and Microsoft consoles both shipped with higher specs, bigger games, and countless new features to distinguish them from their predecessors – giving gamers a clear reason to upgrade from the Xbox 360 and PS3.

    •Xbox One X has much more impressive specs

    •Whether or not the Xbox One X's full potential is used is down to individual developers

    •Both consoles are capable of native 4K ouput

    •Both consoles will upscale 1080p games

    •Both consoles will supersample to benefit Full HD TV owners

    4K capable 

    •Neither console breaks any new ground with their appearance

    •This is the smallest Xbox ever but only by a very small amount

    •PS4 Pro has more special edition and color options

    Now that we've seen the Xbox One X in person, we can safely say that it stands up to the PS4 Pro in terms of appearance.

    Despite being the most powerful Xbox ever, this is also the smallest Xbox console ever, which slightly goes in the face of PlayStation's decision to make its PS4 Pro look like a larger PS4 Slim. 

    However, like Sony, Microsoft hasn't decided to do anything overly different from what it's done before in terms of the overall physical design of the console. Though small, it's similar in overall look to the Xbox One S so neither PS4 Pro nor Xbox One X are going to do anything too different from what you already have in terms of changing up your living space. 

    •Xbox has much better backwards compatibility across all of its devices

    •Xbox Play Anywhere unites the Windows 10 platform

    •PS4 has more exciting first-party exclusives in the works

    •Both consoles receive the biggest third-party games

    4K graphics and impressive hardware are only going to be useful if you want to play the console’s games in the first place. Fortunately, both PlayStation and Xbox have a number of excellent exclusives and there’s a good deal of overlap too. 

    Both Sony and Microsoft have promised that though Xbox One X and the Pro will be more powerful than the Xbox One S and standard PS4, they won’t have exclusive titles so you don’t have to worry about being left behind by this new half-generation. Instead, they’ll share all release titles, with some being capable of taking advantage of the greater power of the new consoles. 

    •PS4 Pro currently has PSVR

    •Xbox One X does not have a VR headset, and may never

    At one time we were definitely led to believe that both the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro would support VR headsets. Sony struck first with the PlayStation VR, a dedicated virtual reality platform that has found moderate success (even among its PC-based competition) while Microsoft has been slow to follow.

    When we spoke to Xbox's Mike Ybarra to find out what's happening with VR on Xbox One X, Ybarra said the Microsoft team wanted to focus on PC-based VR: “For us, we’re going to continue to invest on the Windows side where people are engaging. Our MR devices work with Steam games now - I love what’s happening there - and in the living room there are still, in my opinion, challenges to be solved. But we’re looking at that and we’re listening to customers and fans, but our investment profile will remain on Windows for now.” 

    That means if VR has any sort of appeal for you, PS4 Pro is the place to be.

    Winner: PS4 Pro

    •Xbox One X has a built-in Ultra HD Blu-ray player

    •Both consoles stream 4K content from services like Netflix and Amazon

    •Dolby Vision and Atmos on Xbox One X

    Films and media is another area where the two consoles are similar in some respects, but very different in others. 

    The biggest difference is that Xbox One X has an Ultra HD Blu-ray player which allows it to play Ultra HD Blu-rays in all their uncompressed 4K HDR glory. The discs aren’t all that common, but when the option is available, it’s worth opting for the 4K version. 

    Thankfully, the two are on more even ground when it comes to streaming: both are equipped to handle Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube in all of their 4K/HDR glory.  

    •Xbox One X is $499 / £449 / AU$649

    •PS4 Pro is $399 / £349 / AU$559.95

    Although we’d love for money to be no object when it comes to gaming, the reality is that for most people price is a significant factor in determining what to buy.

    At the moment you can pick up a PS4 Pro for around $399/£349/AU$559.95 and it’s likely that having a strong foothold in the market will allow Sony to offer good discounts when the next holiday season rolls around. 

    The Xbox One X, however, is a more recent launch and is priced at $499/£449/AU$649. This is significantly more than the price for the PS4 Pro and despite having many excellent features as well as exclusives, Microsoft may find it challenging to convince players to part with the extra $100/£100 (which could essentially buy them two more games to still enjoy in 4K on the PS4 Pro).

    When it comes to price the PS4 Pro wins out on value for money for anyone going through the costly process of upgrading to 4K.

    In terms of pure power, Xbox One X wins out over PS4 Pro. Xbox One X's memory bandwith, RAM, CPU and GPU all outperform PS4 Pro and with Middle-earth: Shadow of War we've already seen evidence that this can have a graphical impact.

    However, not every developer will use the Xbox One X's power to its full potential, and at the moment it seems likely that there will be a lot of parity across the consoles for some time yet.

    In terms future-proofing, the Xbox One X's power makes it your best bet but a distinct lack of exciting first-party games may make the PS4 Pro more appealing - even if it offers slightly lower performance. After all, What does draw distance matter if it means missing out on games like Spider-Man and God of War?

    That said, outside of gaming content, the Xbox One X boasts an Ultra HD Blu-ray player and fantastic backwards compatibility that will reduce the disruption you’d usually expect from mid-generational upgrades. The Xbox One X also has the benefit of being Microsoft's smallest console ever, despite being its most powerful. 

    However, there is the matter of price to consider. At $499, the Xbox One X is $100 more expensive than the PS4 Pro, which may give some players pause. 

    If money is of little object and you want the most powerful console ever, a full entertainment system, a good degree of future proofing and you're a fan of the Xbox back catalog, the Xbox One X just makes sense. If, however, you're looking to enter the era of 4K gaming more cost-effectively and you can't stand the idea of missing out on PlayStation's engaging exclusives then the PS4 Pro is the console for you. 

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