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    ISO 639 is a set of standards by the International Organization for Standardization that is concerned with representation of names for languages and language groups.. It was also the name of the original standard, approved in 1967 (as ISO 639/R) and withdrawn in 2002.

  2. ISO 639 is a standardized nomenclature used to classify languages. Each language is assigned a two-letter (639-1) and three-letter (639-2 and 639-3) lowercase abbreviation, amended in later versions of the nomenclature. This table lists all of: ISO 639-1: two-letter codes, one per language for ISO 639 macrolanguage; And some of:

  3. ISO 639 is composed of five different parts. Part 1: ISO 639-1:2002 provides a 2-letter code that has been designed to represent most of the major languages of the world. Part 2: ISO 639-2:1998 provides a 3-letter code, which gives more possible combinations, so ISO 639-2:1998 can cover more languages.

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    ISO 639として正式に標準化されているのは以下の5つである。 ISO 639-1: 2002 Codes for the representation of names of languages -- Part 1: Alpha-2 code (言語名コード-第一部:2文字コード)2002年制定

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    ISO 639 is in de taaltypologie een internationale norm, uitgegeven door de International Organization for Standardization (ISO), voor het coderen van talen in twee- en drieletterige codes. ISO 639 bestaat al erg lang in twee basissmaken, ISO 639-1 en ISO 639-2. Een derde versie, ISO 639-3 is per 5 februari 2007 door de ISO bekrachtigd.

  7. Quand des codes historiques ont été supprimés officiellement de ISO 639, ils deviennent réservés, et l’ancienne association est indiquée avec son code barré. Quand deux codes sont indiqués pour l'ISO 639-2, le premier est le code bibliographique (ISO 639-2/B) et le second le code terminologique (ISO 639-2/T).

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