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  1. Lesson Plan. 1. 2. See how it all fits together! View Scope and Sequence. Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States, but he played many political roles throughout our nation’s history. His political life influenced the country in many ways, from the founding documents to the shape of our nation on the map.

  2. During the 1790s each of the parties created an organization necessary to constitute legitimate opposition and achieved control of the federal government (Adams in 1796, and Jefferson in 1800). In this lesson, students will look at examples of legitimate opposition in the Early Republic.

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  4. Jefferson's experience of Federalist repression in the late 1790s led him to more clearly define a central concept of American democracy. Jefferson's stature as the most profound thinker in the American political tradition stems beyond his specific policies as president.

  5. Duration: 90 min. Overview. This lesson is a combination of a few different approaches: students will study primary writings of Jefferson and Adams, examine a range of online documents and images in a DBQ format, and explore historical interpretations through the use of scholarly texts.

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    Lesson Plan Title: Protecting that Ball of Liberty: Comparing Jeffersonian and Wilsonian Views Of Democracy In the World Descriptive Subtitle: A brief comparison between Jefferson and Wilson’s background, foreign policy, and views on democracy in the World.

  7. Jefferson argued that the creation of a national bank was not a power granted under the enumerated powers, nor was it necessary and proper. Both gentlemen presented their arguments to Washington, and ultimately Washington agreed with Hamilton. Overview. In this lesson students will discuss what the necessary and proper clause means to them ...

  8. President Jefferson's Election and Jeffersonian Democracy. The election of 1800 highlighted serious problems with the American election process but ended in a win for Thomas Jefferson....

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