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      • The Jesus fish is a well recognized symbol consisting of two curved lines that resemble the image of a fish. The symbol is also known as an Ichthys (coming from the ancient Greek word for fish). IXИYУ is an acronym coming from the first letter of words that mean “Jesus Christ God’s Son is Savior.”
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    AD Koine Greek, "fish") is a symbol consisting of two intersecting arcs, the ends of the right side extending beyond the meeting point so as to resemble the profile of a fish. The symbol was adopted by early Christians as a secret symbol. It is now known colloquially as the "sign of the fish" or the "Jesus fish".

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    It is the recognizable Christian Fish symbol or the Jesus Fish, which resembles a hand-drawn fish that sometimes includes a cross for the eye or the name Jesus in its middle. Although the Christian fish symbol re-emerged in popularity during the 1960s , the symbol, also konwn as Ichthys, has historical characteristics that attributed to the ...

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    The Ichthys symbol (or "Jesus fish") is a sign typically used to proclaim an affiliation with or affinity for Christianity.The fish was originally adopted by early Christians as a secret symbol, but the many variations known today first appeared in the 1980s.

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    The fish has plenty of other theological overtones as well, for Christ fed the 5,000 with 2 fishes and 5 loaves (a meal recapitulated in Christian love-feasts) and called his disciples "fishers of ...

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    The Greek word for ‘fish’ is ‘ichthus’ (transliterated from the Greek). The early Christiansformed an acrostic from these letters as follows: I= Iesous (Jesus); CH=Christos (Christ); TH=Theous (God); U= UIOS (Son); SOTER (Savior). Therefore, the idea of the fish, or the sight of the symbol, would immediately bring to the believer’s mind the good news of Jesus Christ. Combined with the fact that, during Jesus’ ministry, He referred to His disciples as “fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19; Mark 1:17) and He fed huge groups of His followers meals of fish (Matthew 14:13-21, 15:33-39; and parallel accounts), the fish was an excellent choice to represent the followers of Jesus.

    The early Christians were persecuted by both the government and religious leaders of their day. Roman emperors often regarded themselves as gods and demanded that the people worship them as such. Therefore, this Christian religion, which worshiped Jesus Christ, was a threat to these emperors and their rule. These believers in Christ had to keep their beliefs hidden from the government because of this. The Jews also believed that these Christians were worshiping a false god. Because Christians followed Jesus Christ, the Jewish religious leaders sought to squash what they believed to be a new, and blasphemous, religion. Hence, Christians had to hide the fact that they were followers of Christ from the Jewish leaders too. The fish symbol was a way Christians could identify themselves to each other without either the government or the religious leaders recognizing them. Upon meeting someone new, a believer would draw half of the fish symbol in the dirt and the other person would either...

    The fish symbol’s importance in the United States seems to be more decorative than anything else. American Christians do not fear that we will be put to death or imprisoned for our faith, at least not yet, so the symbol stuck to cars and other objects serves to identify the user as a believer in Jesus Christ. A word of caution for those who are just learning about this symbol. First, one is not a Christian simply by sporting a symbol of a fish on his or her car. One is a Christianif one has recognized that he or she is a sinner, repented of that sinfulness, and committed his or her life to Jesus Christ. A life lived out for Jesus is a much better witness than a plastic fish on one’s car. Secondly, be sure to look closely at any fish symbol you noticed in public. There are several parodies and mockeries of it in existence. Evolutionists, pastafarians (a parody religion that pretends to worship pasta), and even Trekkies (avid fans of Star Trek) have molded the Christian fish symbol to...

    The common fish symbol seen on cars, and other places, is a symbol of Christianity. It was initially designed to allow Christians to identify each other while, at the same time, preventing those hostile to Christianity from identifying believers. Today, in America, one can display the symbol without fear of persecution from the government. The Christian fish symbol should be displayed to remind the Christian to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, to show other Christians that they are not alone, and to challenge non-believers to consider the claims of Christianity. Another Reading: 10 Famous Christian Martyrs Resources – The Holy Bible, English Standard Version “Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version® (ESV®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.” The New International Dictionary of the Christian Church. J. D. Douglas, ed. Zondervan Publishing Co. 1978. Tagged as: Chri...

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    The Jesus fish is a symbol of Christianity that reemerged in popularity in the mid 1960's and can be seen today on everything from religious clothing to auto bumper stickers. Those who want to identify themselves as followers of Jesus Christ often display the Jesus fish on things such as their key chains, car windows, and business cards.

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    The Christian fish also known as Jesus fish has gained popularity today. You can see this Christian symbol printed on bumper stickers or window decals which many Christians placed on the bumpers, windows or windscreens of their cars.You can also see this symbol on jewelry and other Christian gift products.

    Originally, the fish symbol, two interweaved crescent moons, was used by the Greeks, Romans and other pagans as a symbol of fertility usually associated with goddesses.During the life of Jesus, fish was a stable food for the people and we see many instances where fish was mentioned in the four gospels.For example, in the calling of the first disciples, Jesus met Simon Peter, James and John while they were mending their nets after toiling for the whole night without catching any fish. Upon obe...

    Matthew 12:40: For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.Matthew 13:47: \\"Once again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was let down into the lake and caught all kinds of fish.

    The Greek word for fish is \\"ichthys.\\" By creating an acrostic: Iesous(Jesus) Christos(Christ) THeou(God) Yios(Son) Soter(Savior) meaning in English, \\"Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.\\"Most of the Christian fish symbols used today is embedded with this acrostic or the word JESUS as is illustrated by the pictures below.

    1. T-Shirts 2. Jewelries 3. Bumper Stickers 4. Window Decals 5. Sculptures Arts 6. Plague 7. Tapestry 8. Lapel Pins 9. Magnets 10. Greeting Cards 11. Coffee Mugs

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    Aug 21, 2017 · Everyone Has Seen The "Jesus Fish," Those Metal Decals People Stick To Their Cars To Show Their Faith And Religion. What Most People Don't Realize Is The True Origin Of The Jesus Fish Symbol.

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    Mar 17, 2015 · Jesus' ministry is associated with fish: he chose several fishermen to be his disciples and declared he would make them "fishers of men." The fish is also a symbol of baptism, since a fish is at home in the water. ICHTHUS Fish. The second fish symbol (to the right) is the ICHTHUS fish, with the Greek word for fish written out to emphasize the ...

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    • Christian Cross. The Latin cross is the most familiar and widely recognized symbol of Christianity today. In all likelihood, it was the shape of the structure upon which Jesus Christ was crucified.
    • Christian Fish or Ichthys. The Christian Fish, also called the Jesus Fish or Ichthys, was a secret symbol of early Christianity. The Ichthys or fish symbol was used by early Christians to identify themselves as followers of Jesus Christ and to express their affinity to Christianity.
    • Christian Dove. The dove represents the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost in Christianity. The Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus like a dove when he was baptized in the Jordan River
    • Crown of Thorns. One of the most vivid symbols of Christianity is the crown of thorns, which Jesus wore before his crucifixion: ... and then twisted together a crown of thorns and set it on his head.