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  1. He attained the rank of colonel in the U.S. Army, and was involved in the Mexican–American War {John Stevens did not have official rank of Colonel in the U.S. Army; this was an unofficial title commonly used}. He served in the Minnesota House of Representatives in 1857–1858 and the Minnesota Senate in 1859–1860.

  2. John Harrington Stevens (1820–1900) was the first non-native resident on the west side of the Mississippi River in present-day Minneapolis. He operated a ferry across the river before the construction of the first Hennepin Avenue Bridge and subsequently became a colonel in the U.S. Army. He later served in the Minnesota Legislature.

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    John Stevens was one of America's early inventors and engineers. A pioneer of steam-powered transportation and of patent laws, John Stevensdevised efficient innovations for steam engines and helped popularize their use in ships and locomotives.

    John Stevens was born into a wealthy family in New York City in 1749. Stevens was born more than 25 years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence and more than 30 years before the United States existed as a sovereign state. His father was a ship owner and merchant and provided handsomely for his family. When John was a boy, the Steven...

    After his brief career in law and politics, Stevens turned his attention to steam navigation. He was truly a pioneer of this science, as it was then only in an experimental stage. His political connections came in handy later, however. In order to protect his inventions, Stevens petitioned Congress for patent laws to prevent others from unjustly ap...

    The ability of entrepreneurs to protect their inventions can be traced back to John Stevens. Stevens outlined a patent law and is credited with convincing Congress to pass it. He was also among the first to be granted a patent under that law. Stevens patented several important inventions in steamboat engine design. Stevens, in competition with Fult...


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    Inside the house, visitors can can experience the rich history of the house through displays that show the Stevens family and other early Minnesotan families who occupied the house. The Longfellow Houseand Stevens House co-sponsor 90-minute historic nature walks through the park.

    Originally located near St. Anthony Falls, the house was home to Col. John H. Stevens and is believed to be the first home built west of the Mississippi in Minneapolis. Stevens had permission in 1850 to occupy the site, which was part of the Fort Snelling military reservation, in exchange for providing ferry service. The Dakota Indians sometimes ca...

    Call 612-722-2220 or visit Minneapolis Park & Recreation Boardfor more details.
    4901 Minnehaha Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN (inside Minnehaha Park)
  5. Feb 12, 2018 · Still living as of 2010. Stevens, J. W. — also known as Bill Stevens — Republican. Candidate in primary for Florida state senate 30th District, 1978. Still living as of 1978. Stevens, James (1768-1835) — of Stamford, Fairfield County, Conn. Born in Stamford (part now in New Canaan), Fairfield County, Conn., July 4, 1768 . Democrat.

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