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  1. Masonic Lodge Prayers

    Mar 07, 2015 · THE MIGHT of the FATHER of HEAVEN, and the Wisdom of the Glorious SON, through the Grace and Goodness of the HOLY GHOST, three Persons and One GOD, Be with us and Give us Grace so to Govern us here in our living, that we may come to his Bliss that never shall have Ending.

  2. Masonic Prayers: Samples

    Prayer delivered at the Gemmell Memorial Breakfast on 3 December 1988, at Waco, Texas. Great Architect of the Universe, at this feast may we, as did our ancient brethren, promote social feelings, cement the bonds of brotherly love, and establish a center of union and harmony.

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  4. Masonic Dinner Graces and Prayers

    Hand picked prayers for before or after a masonic meal or festive board. And remind us Lord, when we go hence, That Masonic jewel - benevolence. As we gather round the social board for the last meeting of this season, let us give thanks for the food, drink and Good Companionship we have enjoyed.

  5. The Mourner's Kaddish: A Memorial Prayer in Praise of God ...

    Written in Aramaic, the Mourner’s is an almost 2,000-year-old prayer traditionally recited in memory of the dead. The prayer, which is included in all three daily prayer services and is recited in a minyan of at least 10 adult Jews, makes no mention of death. Instead, it is a prayer dedicated to praising God.

  6. Maariv – Evening Prayer - Even in the Evening - Mitzvah Minutes

    The words of prayer involve the body in the service of G‑d, uplifting and refining the body so that it is more attuned to the spirit (It is also permitted to pray maariv early, up to 1¼ [halachic] hours before sunset—provided that the afternoon prayers were recited before this cutoff time.

  7. Praying the Word: Prayer & Promise Cards | Revival & Reformation

    We hope you are blessed by these “Praying the Word: Prayer & Promise Cards.” For best alignment, print up these cards on 8.5x11 sheets of paper. You will have to carefully print them double sided so that the prayer is on the front side and the promise or quote from Inspiration is on the back.

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    Dec 31, 2018 · Judith and Walter during happier times earlier this year at an Agape Youth Conference Prophet Masocha spent Christmas alone in his mansion as wife fled Whether Judith Masocha goes back to her shamed sex craved husband is yet to be known as in the past she has forgiven the Prophet for allegedly beating her up, giving her black eyes.

  9. Duchy of Masovia - Wikipedia

    The Dukes of Masovia also ruled the Duchy of Belz until 1462. After the establishment of the Rawa and Płock Voivodeships , in 1495 the last surviving son of Boleslaus IV, Duke Konrad III Rudy , once again united the remaining Masovian lands under his rule.

  10. The Three Daily Prayers - Prayer -

    These prayers are called morning prayer (shacharit), afternoon prayer (minchah) and evening prayer (arvith or maariv). Our Sages tell us that the custom of praying three times a day was originally introduced by our Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Abraham introduced prayer in the morning, Isaac—in the afternoon, and Jacob added one at ...

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