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    The Kingdom of France adopted a written constitution in 1791, but the Kingdom was abolished a year later and replaced with the First French Republic. The monarchy was restored by the other great powers in 1814 and lasted (except for the Hundred Days in 1815) until the French Revolution of 1848.

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    The Kingdom of France (royaume de France) is the name given to various political entities of France in the Middle Ages and Modern times. According to historians, the date of the first "kingdom of France" is associated with one of these three major events: the advent of Clovis in 481, the Treaty of Verdun, and the election of Hugues Capet in 987.

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    Kingdom of France From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The King­dom of France (French: Royaume de France) was a me­dieval and early mod­ern monar­chy in West­ern Eu­rope. It was one of the most pow­er­ful states in Eu­rope and a great power since the Late Mid­dle Ages and the Hun­dred Years' War.

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    Country of origin: Lebanon Location: Dekwaneh, Mount Lebanon Status: Unknown Formed in: 2009 Genre: Progressive Metal Lyrical themes: N/A Last label: Unsigned/independent

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    Design. Article 2 of the French constitution of 1958 states that "the national emblem is the tricolour flag, blue, white, red". In modern representations, two versions are in use, one darker and the other lighter: both are used equally, but the light version (i.e. the main version used by Wikipedia) is far more common on digital displays.

    • June 1976 (Dark version first adopted on 15 February 1794)
    • 2:3
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    Kingdom of Bhutan (2008–present; unitary absolute monarchy from 1907 and transformed to constitutional monarchy in 2008) Federal constitutional monarchies Edit Federal constitutional monarchies are federal states in which a number of federated entities are unified under a federal government and a single monarch, who acts as ceremonial head of ...

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    In the 1960s, France wanted to exclude the United Kingdom from the organisation. It wanted to build its own economic power in continental Europe. France and Germany became closer after World War II. This was to try to become the most influential country in the EU. It limited the influence of the new Eastern European members.

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    Country of origin: Romania Location: Bucharest Status: Active Formed in: 2009 Genre: Progressive Metal Lyrical themes: N/A Current label: Unsigned/independent

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    Constitutional monarchy may refer to a system in which the monarch acts as a non-party political head of state under the constitution, whether written or unwritten. While most monarchs may hold formal authority and the government may legally operate in the monarch's name, in the form typical in Europe the monarch no longer personally sets public policy or chooses political leaders.

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