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  1. Here we will look at answers to the most common questions about an ACL knee injury including how it happens, ACL symptoms after injury, accurate diagnosis, associated injuries, treatment options and prevention strategies as well as looking more in-depth about why the role of the ACL is so important.

  2. Jun 16, 2022 · Treatment varies depending on the cause of the swollen knee, its severity and your medical history. Therapy. Physical therapy exercises can improve your knee's function and strength. In some situations, a knee brace may be helpful. Surgical and other procedures. Treating the underlying cause of a swollen knee might require: Arthrocentesis.

  3. A tear of a meniscus is a rupturing of one or more of the fibrocartilage strips in the knee called menisci. When doctors and patients refer to "torn cartilage" in the knee, they actually may be referring to an injury to a meniscus at the top of one of the tibiae. Menisci can be torn during innocuous activities such as walking or squatting.

  4. Nov 06, 2021 · Diagnosis of MCL injury Generally, a medial collateral ligament strain occurs as an isolated injury or combined with other injuries to the ligaments or cartilage of the knee. The damage occurs during sports caused by bending, turning, or twisting.

  5. Jan 11, 2022 · Sometimes, we take a fluid sample from the knee joint to test for cells and crystals. Finally, imaging can confirm the diagnosis of osteoarthritis. A plain X-ray or MRI of the knee is helpful in these cases. Final word about sudden knee pain without injury. Sudden knee pain without injury requires expert attention to get the correct diagnosis.

  6. A lump behind the knee that is over 5cm and getting larger should be evaluated promptly to rule out sarcoma. Swelling behind the knee no pain is likely to be a popliteal aneurysm or small Baker’s Cyst. Back of knee swelling with pain may be a large popliteal cyst, gastrocnemius tear, or more rarely a DVT or synovial sarcoma.

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