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    What causes pain behind the knee after fall?

    What are the best exercises for an injured knee?

    What are the signs of a knee injury?

    Should I see a doctor for a knee injury?

    • Abrasion. An abrasion is another term for a scrape. This occurs when the skin rubs against a rough surface, such as asphalt or cement. A minor abrasion takes off just the outer layer of skin (epidermis) and can be treated at home.
    • Laceration. A laceration is a cut or puncture wound that causes a tear or hole in the skin. If you fall and land on something sharp like a nail, you can end up with a laceration.
    • Contusion. A knee contusion or bruise is a common injury if you fall on a hard surface. The impact can cause a blood vessel or capillary in the skin or muscle underneath to leak blood into the surrounding area, creating the black and blue sign of a bruise.
    • Sprain. A knee sprain occurs when one — or more — of the ligaments in the knee is overstretched. A ligament is a structure that connects one bone to another.
  2. Apr 25, 2022 · If you’re experiencing knee pain after a fall, this could indicate a range of common knee injuries ranging from mild bruising to something needing medical intervention like a fracture or ligament tear. Knee injuries from falling are common, and you may benefit from physical therapy after a fall. If you think your knee has been injured from falling, it’s important to stay attuned to where your pain is and if it worsens or spreads with any motion or activity.

    • Abrasions (Scrapes). Abrasions are the minor injuries you can get from falling. This is the technical name for what most...
    • Broken Bones and Fractures. There are several bones in your knees that you may break when you fall, including the...
    • Contusions (Bruises). Bruises, known as contusions, are another common yet typically minor...
    • Knee abrasion. An abrasion occurs when sometimes scrapes (rubs against a rough surface) such as asphalt or cement.
    • Knee contusion. A knee contusion is a bruise that occurs when you fall on a hard surface.
    • Knee laceration. A laceration is a puncture wound or cut that causes a tear or a hole in the skin. L aceration injuries most commonly occur from a fall on something sharp, such as a nail.
    • Sprained knee. A knee sprain is when the ligament is overstretched. So, if you fall hard on your knee or are struck by something heavy or powerful, a knee sprain is typical.
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