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  2. What are the possible knee injuries that can occur after a fall? Here are the eight most common knee injuries — from minor to severe — that can occur after a fall. 1. Abrasion. An abrasion is...

    • An Abrasion. Virtually everyone has had a knee abrasion at some point—usually from concrete. These injuries are sometimes called "scraped" or "skinned" knees.
    • A Laceration. Lacerations are a step beyond abrasions. A laceration is a cut in the skin that's often caused by blunt trauma. Smaller lacerations can get treatment at home with cleaning and bandaging.
    • A Contusion. A contusion (better known as a bruise) might accompany other injuries from a hard fall on the knee. Contusions occur when a damaged capillary or blood vessel leaks into the area around it, often leading to skin discoloration.
    • A Strain or Mild Sprain. A muscle strain occurs when a muscle or the tendon attaching it to a bone has been overstretched or slightly torn. Such injuries might result from either repetitive movement or a one-time injury like an unnatural twisting of the joint.
  3. Oct 24, 2019 · Thigh bone and/or Shin Bone Fractures: fractures of the tibial plateau (shin bone) or the femur (thigh bone) can occur with falls onto concrete. This most commonly occurs with falls from an elevated height, such as off a ladder or high step.

  4. Patella fractures are injuries often associated with a blow to the knee. Common causes include: Falling directly on the knee, especially on a hard surface such as concrete. Sports where the knee may be directly hit by a ball, bat or stick. Car accidents where the knee hits the dashboard.

  5. A knee injury from falling may or may not be severe, and recovery depends on several factors. While some wounds may heal with rest, ice, and OTC medication, others may need physical therapy, including the use of high-quality knee braces or surgical intervention.

  6. Dec 2, 2021 · Knee injuries can range from mildly uncomfortable to devastating. If you’ve hurt your knee, it’s important to assess the damage so you can decide whether you should see a doctor. A key sign to look for is swelling.

  7. Apr 30, 2019 · If you are experiencing knee pain after a fall on concrete, this article will be helpful to know what is happening, whether or not you should worry about it, and what can you do at home. Sources of knee pain after a fall on concrete

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