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  1. Sami languages, like Kven and Finnish, belong to the Uralic language family. By far the most spoken form of Sami in Norway is North Sami (spoken by around 15,000 Norwegian Sami). The others are Lule Sami (spoken by around 500 in Norway), Pite Sami (which is nearly extinct ) and South Sami (which has around 300 speakers in Norway).

  2. Ludic, or Ludian, or Ludic Karelian (Luudi, Lyydi or lüüdi), is a Finnic language in the Uralic language family or a Karelian dialect. It is transitional between the Olonets Karelian language and the Veps language. It is spoken by 300 Karelians in the Republic of Karelia in Russia, near the southwestern shore of Lake Onega, including a few ...

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