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  1. The Permic or Permian languages are a branch of the Uralic language family. They are spoken in several regions to the west of the Ural Mountains within the Russian Federation. The total number of speakers is around 950,000, of which around 550,000 speak the most widely spoken language, Udmurt. Like other Uralic languages, the Permic languages ...

  2. The language used in the document is thought to be an archaic form of the language spoken in Olonets Karelia, a dialect of the Karelian language. A later manuscript, no. 403 (second half of the 14th century), apparently belonging to a tax collector, includes a short glossary of Karelian words and their translations.

  3. Ludic, or Ludian, or Ludic Karelian (Luudi, Lyydi or lüüdi), is a Finnic language in the Uralic language family or a Karelian dialect. It is transitional between the Olonets Karelian language and the Veps language. It is spoken by 300 Karelians in the Republic of Karelia in Russia, near the southwestern shore of Lake Onega, including a few ...

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    Lakselv (help · info) (Northern Sami: Leavdnja; Kven: Lemmijoki) is the largest village and administrative centre of Porsanger Municipality in Troms og Finnmark county, Norway. The village lies at the southern end of the large Porsangerfjorden. population density of 993 inhabitants per square kilometre (2,570/sq mi).

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    Norrbotten (Swedish: [ˈnɔ̂rːˌbɔtːɛn]), known in English as North Bothnia, is a Swedish province (landskap) in northernmost Sweden.It borders south to Västerbotten, west to Swedish Lapland, and east to Finland

  6. The hypothesis that the Dravidian languages display similarities with the Uralic language group, suggesting a prolonged period of contact in the past, is popular amongst Dravidian linguists and has been supported by a number of scholars, including Robert Caldwell, Thomas Burrow, Kamil Zvelebil, and Mikhail Andronov.

  7. English language Punjabi language, followed by Hindi French German Spanish Tagalog Korean Vietnamese Dutch Mandarin Arabic Urdu (985 or 0.7%), Cantonese (810 or 0.5%), and Russian (805 or 0.5%). Religion. A plurality of Abbotsford's population is Christian. Many of the largest congregations in the city are Mennonite Brethren.

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