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  2. Cities, towns, and villages. Colombo, Brazil, municipality in the state of Paraná. Columbia, California, city. Columbia, Connecticut town. Columbus, Georgia, city. Columbia, Illinois, city. Columbus, Indiana, city. Columbus, Kansas, city. Columbia, Maine, town. Columbia, Maryland, census-designated ...

  3. A number of places, mostly in the Western Hemisphere, have been named after Christopher Columbus, the voyager who was the first European to make the New World widely known to Europeans. Introduction List of places named for Christopher Columbus

  4. In which state would you find the largest city in the world named in honor of Christopher Columbus? Missouri Ohio Kentucky New Hampshire The correct answer is

  5. Also, the capital city of the United States, Washington, District of Columbia, is named in honor of Christopher Columbus. Other places with the name Columbia also are named to honor the...

  6. The city of Columbus was named after 15th-century Italian explorer Christopher Columbus at the city's founding in 1812. It is the largest city in the world named for the explorer, who sailed to and settled parts of the Americas on behalf of Isabella I of Castile and Spain.

    • 781 ft (238 m)
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