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    Gaeltacht (/ ˈ ɡ eɪ l t ə x t / GAYL-təkht, Irish: [ˈɡeːl̪ˠt̪ˠəxt̪ˠ]; plural Gaeltachtaí) is an Irish-language word for any primarily Irish-speaking region. In Ireland, the term Gaeltacht refers individually to any, or collectively to all, of the districts where the government recognises that the Irish language is the predominant vernacular, or language of the home.

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    Ireland has many lakes and Lough Neagh, in Northern Ireland, is the largest lake in Ireland. Ireland is known for its landscapes, music, history, and mythology. Provinces and counties. Ireland is traditionally divided into four provinces and thirty-two counties. Twenty-six counties are in the Republic and six in Northern Ireland.

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    Northern Ireland was governed by the Ulster Unionist Party from 1922-1972. James Craig, its first prime minister, said it was a Protestant country. The Irish Free State got a new constitution in 1937, which created its government. In 1949, Ireland left the British Commonwealth and became the Republic of Ireland (sometimes just called Ireland).

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    Dec 30, 2020 · PREFACE. T HE present sketch is the first serious attempt at a scientific description of a northern dialect of Irish.Phonetic decay seems to have set in all over the Gaelic-speaking area; and consequently it is imperative that during the next ten or fifteen years every effort should be made to obtain scientific records of the speech of persons born before the famine who still have a firm grip ...

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    Aug 27, 2020 · A US teen wrote 27,000 Wikipedia entries in a language they don't speak The contributions of AmaryllisGardner highlight a major problem with the platform.

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    Apr 23, 2021 · There are Irish language courses at some universities and colleges in the USA and Canada . In 2011 1,895 people in Australia said that they use Irish as their home language, and it is possible to study Modern and Old Irish at the University of Sydney . Names of the language. Irish is known as Irish, Gaelic or Irish Gaelic in English.

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    Apr 10, 2015 · Two commenters recently pointed out that fillum (i.e. fɪləm), a quintessentially Irish pronunciation of film, can also be heard in England.Many assume fillum‘s origins to be Irish–along with similar pronunciations of words like helm (“hellum”)–because in certain contexts the Irish language inserts a vowel between /l/ and /m/ in consonant clusters.

  9. Aug 05, 2014 · Depending on who you ask, Scots is a language, a dialect of English, or slang. It’s a part of the Germanic language family, which also includes modern German, Dutch, and English.

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    > How do I write with an Irish dialect? Sample: I’ve been wondering if ye could help me, as I’ve nivver been to Ireland meself, but I’ve a character in me latest novel who’s an Irish lass.

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