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    The population of Ireland is 4.6 million. English is the main language spoken. The Irish language is widely taught in all schools, and it is still spoken as a first language in some areas of the country, known as the Gaeltacht. Irish is the first official language, followed by English.

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    Northren Ireland is the anly pairt o the Unitit Kinrick that shares a laund mairch wi anither sovereign state‍—‌the Republic o Ireland. [note 4] Apairt frae this laund mairch, the UK is surroondit bi the Atlantic Ocean, wi the North Sea tae its east, the Inglis Channel tae its sooth an the Celtic Sea tae its sooth-sooth-wast, giein it the ...

  3. Infobox Ethnic group group = Leonese (Llïoneses) flag caption = The Coat of Arms of León pop = approx. more than 1 million people worldwide region1 = Provinces of León, Zamora and Salamanca (Spain) region2 = District of Bragança (Portugal)The…

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    1500 – Portuguese navigator Pedro Álvares Cabral (picturt) launds in Brazil.; 1519 – Spaingie conquistador Hernán Cortés establishes a settlement at Veracruz, Mexico.; 1915 – The uise o pushion gas in Warld War I escalates whan chlorine gas is released as a chemical wappen in the Seicont Battle o Ypres.

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    Gaelic is the Scottish Celtic language, still spoken by some in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. "Scots" is a dialect of English (although some call it a separate language). Irish Gaelic is spoken by very few people today. The Germanic dialects of these different tribes became what is now called Old English.

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    The Welsh language is a Celtic language and the national language of Wales, a country that is part of the United Kingdom.In Welsh, it is known as Cymraeg, or yr iaith Gymraeg, which means "the Welsh language".

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    Ireland - Ireland - Ethnic groups, language, and religion: Ethnic and racial minorities make up about 12 percent of the population of Ireland—a proportion that doubled in the first decade of the 21st century. Immigration from the rest of Europe, Africa, and Asia has been significant since the last two decades of the 20th century. The key factors in increased immigration have been the more ...

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    Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

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    World Map - Wikimedia

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    Guide to Irish Names; Téarmaí Ríomhaireachta (Computer Terms) Irish dictionary of computer terminology; Grammars. Irish Lessons Lessons in Irish Gaelic; Learn Gaelic: Daltaí na Gaeilge Irish Grammar and Vocabulary; Language Resources. Profile of Irish Encyclopedia entry for the Irish language in Wikipedia; Gaelic Fonts; Irish Newspapers I ...

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