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    The established view is elaborated in various Wikipedia articles on Astur-Leonese languages: western Romance is a dialect continuum with many members, and most of the local vernaculars are not "basilects" of Spanish, Portuguese, or French. Within Iberian Romance, Leonese, Asturias, and Aragonese are not variants of Spanish, but rather Spanish is of comparable rank to them.

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    The Leonese language (Llingua Llïonesa in Leonese) developed from Vulgar Latin.. Leonese was the official language of the Leonese Kingdom in the Middle Ages.The first written text in Leonese was Nodicia de Kesos (959 or 974), and other old texts include Fueru de Llión, Fueru de Salamanca, Fueru Xulgu, Códice d'Alfonsu XI, Disputa d'Elena y María, and Llibru d'Alixandre

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    Asturian is a West Iberian Romance language spoken in the Principality of Asturias, Spain. Asturian is part of a wider linguistic group, the Astur-Leonese languages. The number of speakers is estimated at 100,000 and 450,000. The dialects of the Astur-Leonese language family are traditionally classified in 3 groups: Western, Central, and Eastern. For historical and demographic reasons, the standard is based on Central Asturian. Asturian has a distinct grammar, dictionary, and orthography. It is

    • 351,791 (2017), 641,502 L1 + L2 speakers (2017)
    • Latin
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    Cantabrian is a group of dialects belonging to Astur-Leonese. It is indigenous to the territories in and surrounding the Autonomous Community of Cantabria, in Northern Spain. Traditionally, some dialects of this group have been further grouped by the name Montañés, La Montaña being a traditional name for Cantabria due to its mountainous topography.

    • 3,000 (2011)
    • Spain
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    The Leonese Local Government uses the Leonese language in some of their bureaus, organizes courses for adults and in 2007 organized Leonese Language Day. The Leonese Local Government official website uses the Leonese language. The Leonese language is taught in two schools of León city since February 2008.

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    English meaning ë ɛ ə̯: ɛ æ̯: bël bello "nice" (masculine singular) è, e ɛ: ɛ ~ɜ: bèl belli "nice" (masculine plural) ê e ə̯: e ɜ̯~i ɜ̯: fêr fare "to do" é e: e j: méla mela "apple" ö ɔ ə̯: ɔ ɒ̯: cöl collo "neck" ô o ə̯: o ɞ̯: rôda ruota "wheel" ò, o ɔ: ɔ ~ɞ: òngg undici "eleven" ó o: o w: sól sole "sun" ẽ ɛ̃: æ̃ j̃: bẽ bene "fine" (adverb)

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    Leonese. [liːəˈniːz] A. ADJ → leonés. B. N. 1. (= person) → leonés/esa m/f. 2. ( Ling) → leonés m. Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1971, 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2005. Want to thank TFD for its existence?

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    definition - leonese. definition of Wikipedia. Advertizing ... Astur-Leonese linguistic group • Castilian-Leonese cuisine • Eva González (Leonese language writer

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    Genoese (locally called zeneize) is the main dialect of the Ligurian language, spoken in Genoa (the principal city of Liguria, in Northern Italy).. Ligurian, like the languages of Lombardy, Piedmont, and surrounding regions, is listed by Ethnologue as a language in its own right, of the Romance Gallo-Italic branch (not to be confused with the ancient Ligurian language).

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