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    In recent years, the term ‘English as a lingua franca’ (ELF) has emerged as a way of referring to communication in English between speakers with different first languages. Since roughly only one out of every four users of English in the world is a native speaker of the language (Crystal 2003),


    1. Introduction English as a lingua franca (ELF) conversation has attracted growing attention as a topic for sociolinguistic research. According to Firth (1996), ELF is defined as a “‘contact language’ between persons who share neither a common native tongue nor a common (national) culture,

  4. Listen to our free podcasts and learn English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish or Chinese on the go, where and when it suits you. Online courses Take the next step and sign up for a course on the Coffee Break Academy, accessing video materials, lesson notes and bonus audio content.

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    Apart from the fact that English L2 speakers in English as a lingua franca (ELF) interaction make little use of discourse markers (cf. House 2002), not much is known about the exact function and meaning of the individual discourse markers in the L2 speakers’ speech, when they do use them.


    J. DOMBI: English as a Lingua Franca in Intercultural Communication 185 these situations English is used as a lingua franca, with speakers who intend to comprehend each other as precisely as possible. This, however, implies that ELF should be taught to ensure better understanding both in non-native

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    Undoubtedly, English is a lingua Franca now and English should be learnt with the culture of the target language to a certain extent in order to learn English language. In the meantime, in the Chinese context, China English should be developed to make it part of the main English.

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    Truchot 2002:7 Language driven by market forces 5. English is widely used as a lingua franca (or second language) in Scandinavia and the Netherlands, while in southern and eastern Europe it is still mainly a foreign language. But as it gains ground all over Europe, it becomes adapted (‘nativised’) in very different ways.

  9. A lingua franca is a language used by people to communicate when they do not share a common language. Throughout history there have been different lingua francas such as Russian, Spanish, French, German and Arabic, but today English is the

  10. Feb 19, 2002 · An account of the use and teaching of English in one of the world's most isolated and reclusive states. An introduction, and a brief history of English in Korea before independence from Japan in 1945, then in post–1945 North Korea, followed by a discussion first of how North Korea's ideological and political imperatives gave rise to the elimination of English from the school curriculum, then ...

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