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    In Czech euro is of neuter gender and inflected as město, while cent is masculine and inflected as hrad. Danish. The word euro is included in the 2002 version of Retskrivningsordbogen, the authoritative source for the Danish language (according to Danish law).

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    Report generated based on a request from Talk:Language and the euro.It matches the following masks: Talk:Linguistic issues concerning the euro/Archive <#> It was generated at 04:50, 28 February 2020 (UTC) by Legobot.

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    Euro-related topics; Topics: Eurozone · Currencies related to the euro · European Monetary System · European Currency Unit · European Exchange Rate Mechanism · Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union · Stability and Growth Pact · Introduction of the euro · Euro coins · Euro banknotes · Euro sign · Linguistic issues concerning the euro

  5. Issues in Linguistics | Linguistic Society of America › issues-linguistics

    The number of women studying linguistics has grown considerably in the recent past, and there are more women than ever before in every sector of the field. A rich and growing body of linguistic research explores issues of language and gender. Ethnic Diversity. The value of ethnic diversity to linguistic studies is central to the field.

  6. 歐元符號 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 › wiki › 欧元符号

    歐元符號( € )是歐元的貨幣符號,發表於1996年12月12日。 這一符號由一個四人的專家小組設計,係由希臘字母 ε 、象徵歐洲( Europe )的E和代表穩定的平行線組合而成 。

    • .mw-parser-output .monospaced{font-family:"Menlo","Consolas","Liberation Mono","Courier New",monospace}U+20AC € .mw-parser-output .smallcaps-all{font-variant:small-caps;text-transform:lowercase}.mw-parser-output .smallcaps-all *{font-variant:normal;text-transform:none}EURO SIGN ,HTML:€ €
    • 歐元
    • U+20A0 ₠ EUROPEAN CURRENCY UNIT ,HTML:₠(歐洲貨幣單位,先前符號)
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  9. evra - Wiktionary › wiki › evra

    Linguistic issues in Faroese concerning the euro. Wikipedia . ... Linguistic issues in Icelandic concerning the euro.

  10. 欧洲汇率机制 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 › wiki › 欧洲汇率机制

    欧洲汇率机制(英語: European Exchange Rate Mechanism ,简称ERM),欧洲共同体于1979年3月13日开始运作的一个旨在约束欧洲货币汇率变动和实现欧洲货币稳定的体系,是 欧洲货币体系 ( 英语 : European Monetary System ) (EMS)的组成部分。

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