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  1. AKB48 discography - Wikipedia › wiki › AKB48_discography

    Jul 12, 2021 · 1. The discography of AKB48 consists of 59 singles (57 major singles and 2 indie singles), 8 studio albums, and 32 stage albums (12 regular stage albums and 20 as Studio Recordings Collection ). The major singles have title tracks that are sung by a selection of the AKB48 singers, some of whom are from AKB48's sister groups.

    • 12 (reg) + 20 (SRC)
    • 58
    • 105
    • 8
  2. List of Produce 48 contestants - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Produce_48_contestants

    4 days ago · Left Million Market and joined A Team Entertainment, is a member of pre-debut girl group I.S.E. 33 Erii Chiba Japanese 17 치바 에리이 千葉 恵里 AKB48 F F Returned to AKB48. 34 Mako Kojima Japanese 24 코지마 마코 小嶋真子 AKB48 C B Graduated from AKB48 and created the fashion brand Haluhiroine, and created a YouTube channel. 35

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  4. NMB48 - Wikipedia › wiki › NMB48

    Jul 16, 2021 · NMB48 (read "N.M.B. Forty-eight") is a Japanese idol group that debuted in 2011 as the second sister group to AKB48, produced by Yasushi Akimoto. NMB48 is named after the Namba district in Osaka city of Osaka Prefecture, where the group is based. The group performs at the NMB48 Theater, which is located in the basement of the Yes-Namba Building ...

  5. Twice - Wikipedia › wiki › Twice_(group)

    3 days ago · Since 2016, members regularly have placed in the top 20 of Gallup Korea's annual poll of the nation's favorite idols. In 2017, Twice was included in Forbes Korea Power Celebrity at third overall and first among recording artists. They entered within the top ten of the list again ranking third in 2018, and ninth in 2020.

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    5 days ago · The length of service on the Court for the 106 non-incumbent justices ranges from William O. Douglas 's 36 years, 211 days to the 163-day tenure of Thomas Johnson. As of July 26, 2021, the length of service for the nine incumbent justices ranges from Clarence Thomas ' 29 years, 276 days to Amy Coney Barrett 's 272 days.

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    4 days ago · This is a List of members of the 17th Lok Sabha (2019–2024) arranged by state-wise and union territory-wise representation in Lok Sabha. These members of the Lower house of the Indian Parliament were elected in the 2019 Indian general election held in April–May 2019.

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    5 days ago · Wikimedia list article. Senate composition by state and party, 117th Congress. 2 Democrats. 2 Republicans. 1 Democrat and 1 Republican. 1 Democrat and 1 Independent caucusing with Democrats. 1 Republican and 1 Independent caucusing with Democrats. The United States Senate consists of 100 members, two from each of the 50 states. Below is a list ...

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    3 days ago · The Rajya Sabha or Council of States is the Upper House of the Parliament of India.Membership is limited to 250 members, and the present Rajya Sabha has 245 members. 233 members are elected by the Vidhan Sabha members and 12 are nominated by the President for their contributions to art, literature, science, and social services.

  10. 6 days ago · สมาชิกวงเอเคบีโฟร์ตีเอต (AKB48) อาจการเปลี่ยนแปลงบ่อยครั้งเนื่องจากการทดสอบความสามารถ การจบการศึกษา การย้ายทีม และการย้ายวงระหว่างวง AKB48 กับวง ...

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