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  1. This is a list of estimates of the real gross domestic product growth rate (not rebased GDP) in Asian states for the latest years recorded in the CIA World Factbook.All sovereign states with United Nations membership and territory in Asia are included on the list apart from those who are also members of the Council of Europe.

    Gdp Growth Rate (%)
    2017 est.
    2017 est.
    2017 est.
    2017 est.
  2. List of Asian countries by GDP. This is an alphabetically sorted list of Asian countries, with their factual and estimated gross domestic product data by the International Monetary Fund.

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  4. Countries by Real GDP Growth Rate in 2018 (Data from IMF WEO Database, April 2020) This article includes a lists of countries and dependent territories sorted by their real gross domestic product growth rate ; the rate of growth of the value of all final goods and services produced within a state in a given year.

  5. For countries by GDP based on purchasing power parity, see List of countries by GDP (PPP). Largest economies by nominal GDP in 2021. Countries by nominal GDP in 2019. >$20 trillion. $10–$20 trillion. $5–$10 trillion. $1–$5 trillion. $750 billion–$1 trillion.

  6. In January 2020 itself, well before India's lockdown or reactions to the pandemic, the International Monetary Fund reduced India's GDP estimates for 2019 and also reduced the 2020 GDP forecast. The 2016 Indian banknote demonetisation and goods and services tax enactment in 2017 led to severe back to back disruptions in the economy.

    • March 2020–present
    • 29.87 lakh crore (US$400 billion) [15% of national GDP], (uptil 31 October 2020)
  7. Sep 22, 2021 · Gross domestic product (GDP) growth rates for ADB's developing member countries. Figures and forecasts are as of ADB's Asian Development Outlook Update (ADOU) 2021, released in September 2021. Note: The newly industrialized economies are Hong Kong, China, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, and Taipei,China.

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