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  1. This is a list of countries and dependencies by population.It includes sovereign states, inhabited, dependent territories and, in some cases, constituent countries of sovereign states, with inclusion within the list being primarily based on the ISO standard ISO 3166-1.

  2. This is a list of countries and other inhabited territories of the world by total population, based on estimates published by the United Nations in the 2019 revision of World Population Prospects. [2] [3] These figures refer to the de facto population in a country or area as shown in the "estimates" section.

    Un Continental Region
    Un Statistical Subregion
    Population (1 July 2018)
  3. This is a list of countries and dependent territories by population. The number shows how many people live in each country. Countries with the most people are at the top of the list. Countries with the fewest people are at the bottom. Also see: List of countries, List of countries by area, List of countries by population density.

  4. List of countries by population growth rate. The population growth rate estimates (according to United Nations Population Prospects 2019) between 2015 and 2020. This article includes a table of countries and subnational areas by annual population growth rate.

  5. List of European countries by population. This list of European countries by population comprises the 51 countries and 6 territories and dependencies in Europe, broadly defined, including Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and the countries of the Caucasus . The most populous European country is Russia, with a population of 146 million.

  6. This is a list of the world's countries and their dependent territories by area, ranked by total area.. Entries in this list include, but are not limited to, those in the ISO 3166-1 standard, which includes sovereign states and dependent territories.

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