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  1. Languages of the Philippines - Wikipedia

    Nov 16, 2020 · Filipino is used as a lingua franca in all regions of the Philippines as well as within overseas Filipino communities, and is the dominant language of the armed forces (except perhaps for the small part of the commissioned officer corps from wealthy or upper-middle-class families) and of a large part of the civil service, most of whom are non ...

  2. Filipino language - Wikipedia

    2 days ago · Officially, Filipino is defined by the Commission on the Filipino Language (Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino in Filipino or simply KWF) as "the native dialect, spoken and written, in Metro Manila, the National Capital Region, and in other urban centers of the archipelago."

  3. List of languages - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    4 days ago · Filipino (Malayo-Polynesian) Finnish ; Finnish Sign Language ; Flemish language ; Fon (Volta–Niger) Franco-Provençal or Arpitan ; French ; French Sign Language ; Frisian, North ; Frisian, Saterland ; Frisian, West ; Friulian ; Fula or Fulfulde or Fulani (Senegambian) Fur (Nilo-Saharan)

  4. Commission on the Filipino Language - Wikipedia

    Nov 17, 2020 · The Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (lit. 'Commission on the Filipino Language') is the official regulating body of the Filipino language and the official government institution tasked with developing, preserving, and promoting the various local Philippine languages.

    • Arthur Casanova, Chairman, Anna Katarina Rodriguez, Director-General
    • ₱107.53 million Php (2018)
  5. List of loanwords in Tagalog - Wikipedia

    Nov 19, 2020 · The Filipino language incorporated Spanish loanwords as a result of 333 years of contact with the Spanish language. In their review of a Pilipino-English dictionary, Llamzon and Thorpe (1972) point out that 33% of word roots are of Spanish origin.

  6. Filipino Idioms - 30 Examples of Commonly Used Tagalog ...

    Nov 03, 2020 · Filipino/Tagalog idioms, often comprised of group of words with a meaning that completely has nothing to do with any of the words in the phrase. To a Filipino language learner, these idioms might sound discouraging to learn and most likely maybe last on the list, but they are a great way to step up on the learning process.

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  8. 15 Confusing Ilocano Words That You Need to Know - HubPages

    Nov 03, 2020 · By experience and doing a little bit of thinking I have come up and wrote down 15 words that exist both in Ilocano and Tagalog sharing the same pronunciation yet having different meanings. And yes, these Ilocano words can confuse Filipino speakers. Let's get to the list.

  9. List of Spanish Filipinos - Wikipedia

    Nov 15, 2020 · The following is a list of notable Spanish Filipinos. A Spanish Filipino is any citizen or resident of the Philippines who is of Spanish or Hispanic origin.

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