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  1. Luca Turilli's Rhapsody Lunatica [23] Lux Occulta Lyriel [24] M [ edit] Magica Magic Kingdom Majestica Make Them Suffer Malice Mizer Matenrou Opera MaYaN [25] Mechanical Poet Mechina

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    Aesma Daeva

    After Forever


    Anorexia Nervosa




    Anorexia Nervosa

    Arcturus (earlier works)



    Carpathian Forest (newer works)





    Beto Vázquez Infinity

    Blind Guardian (recent albums)


    Dark Lunacy

    Eternal Oath

    Eternal Tears of Sorrow



    These bands play symphonic versions of progressive, folk, avant-garde or thrash metal.

  2. Feb 15, 2022 · Any symphonic metal bands list has to include the likes of Nightwatch, Epica, Kamelot and Rhapsody of Fire. These names are easily some of the greatest symphonic metal bands, and their legacies remain strong. Symphonic metal bands are influenced by gothic metal, power metal, and not too surprisingly, classical metal.

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  4. This is a list of American symphonic metal bands, including bands that at some point in their career played symphonic metal . Contents 1 List 1.1 A 1.2 F 1.3 S 1.4 T 1.5 V 2 References List [ edit] A [ edit] Abigail Williams Actus Melodi F [ edit] Funebre S [ edit] Savatage Saviour Machine Shield of Wings Skillet Suspyre Symphony X T [ edit]

  5. Sep 14, 2017 · The list includes symphonic black metal, symphonic power metal and symphonic progressive metal bands. If you are a symphonic metal buff, you will have something to say. Feel free to have your say in the comments section. 100 Greatest Symphonic Metal Bands Therion Symphony X Believer Xandria Dark Moor Haggard Kamelot Nightwish Avantasia Evanescence

  6. May 18, 2021 · Here are five symphonic metal bands who are not only truly talented, but also deserve much more recognition than they receive. 1. Leaves’ Eyes. I first found this symphonic metal band back when I was living in downtown Denver in 2014. At that point in time, my knowledge of symphonic metal wasn’t very extensive, and only included the bands ...

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