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  1. Built-In Photo by Ken Allender. Example of a large classic living room design in Nashville with a standard fireplace and a wall-mounted tv. Save Photo. Built-Ins. Wildwood Cabinetry. Built-In Photo by Ken Allender. Living room - traditional living room idea in Nashville with a wall-mounted tv.

    • Maximize Space. A-frame houses can pose certain complications when trying to decorate and maximize space. The angle of the walls can make it difficult to use prefab cabinets without causing a visual break.
    • Built In Bar. Entertainment centers aren't the only built-ins to continue to gain popularity—home bars are quickly catching up. While they used to be relegated to dining rooms, basements, and less populated areas of the home, they can now often be found front and center in the living room, as seen in this example by Marie Flanigan Interiors.
    • Keep it Classic. Traditional white built-ins with open shelving are so versatile that they can fit into just about any style of living room. Choosing a simple cabinet style will ensure that if your tastes change and you decide to redecorate, the built-ins will always fit in.
    • Customize Your Own Size. When it comes to living room built-ins, there's no need to always build from floor to ceiling. In this case, designed by LeClair Decor, built-in cabinets were installed about halfway up the wall, on either side of a mantel.
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    • Give It Old-World Charm. While stonework is often requested of exterior designers, it can actually bring an old-world charm inside your home as well. We love how these living room built-ins look framed in a light, warm stone.
    • Light It Up. When designing your built-ins, it's the tiniest details that separate a nice build from a spectacular one. Installing a simple gallery light above can make an IKEA bookshelf look expensive.
    • Blend Them In. If you're looking to make your mantel the focal point of your living room, a bold shade of paint is just the way to do it. And why stop with just the mantel?
    • Bring Contrast. While we like the idea of blending in a living-room built-in, making it stand out with a high-contrast paint job looks like a million bucks too.
    • Built-In Cabinet Ideas For Family Rooms
    • Let An Alcove Sing
    • Work with Your Existing Space
    • Design Storage Around A TV
    • Use Built-In Cabinets to Disguise A TV
    • Maximize Storage in A Small Family Room
    • Use Built-Ins to Add Architectural Style
    • Start with Art
    • Look For Low Level, Functional Storage
    • Bring in Decorative Touches on Storage

    Your family room furniture ideas need to provide a place for your living room storageamongst other items. There is often a long list of things to make a home for, books, music, decorative pieces and perhaps kids toys and more – all need to be stored and displayed without creating a crowded and cluttered space or compromising the room’s style. From ...

    When it comes to designing a family room, think about any underused nooks and crannies. Alcove ideascan harness the potential of these home features, giving rooms a style boost, as well as fulfilling a useful function. When adding built-in cabinets to an alcove, you also have the opportunity to add a display area. In this project by Jessica Bennett...

    The challenge with many new builds is that they lack architectural features such as recesses and alcoves that add character, as well as making excellent TV storage ideas. When this is the case, it’s best to work creatively with fitted joinery and build a shelf into a run of cupboards. In this immersive scheme, Melissa Bolivar from House of Sui Suiu...

    ‘My number one tip for maximizing storage in a family room is to commission made-to-measure cabinetry. Tailored to the dimensions of your space, the cabinetry can be designed to work round any quirks, such as a sloping ceiling or an awkward corner.’ Irene Gunter, interior designer and founder, Gunter & Co. Don't let a TV stand spoil your family roo...

    Think outside the box when it comes to designing an entertainment center, and consider ways you can disguise a TV stand. Built-in cabinet ideas for family rooms that allows you to hide away the TV behind sliding doors is one option, or you can get creative by investing in a unit that doubles as a TV – and a space to display digital art and photogra...

    The family room is where the demand is greatest at the moment. Homeowners are looking for a dynamic space that allows them the time to unwind at the end of a busy day – but also one that will really benefit from the additional family time we have all been afforded in recent months. ‘Consider built in cabinet ideas for family rooms that feature both...

    Built-in cabinets ideas for family rooms are about more than just finding places to put your things – they’re an opportunity to add a decorative element to to this lively space. 'One way to achieve this is by treating the area as not just a storage location, but considering it in context as a backdrop for conversation when hosting guests or to fram...

    Commissioning a bespoke built in cabinets for family spaces can be transformative; to justify the investment be sure to create a hard-working design. ‘Start with the art’ has long been the mantra of interior designer Sophie Ashby. At the heart of this room is a painting by Jack Penny that is designed into the chic joinery; the picture slides across...

    ‘When planning your family room scheme, always start with the practical stuff such as storage before moving onto the decorative elements,’ advises Bunny Turner, co-founder of Turner Pocockwho designed this room. ‘We maximized the family room storage by building in seating with drawers below.’ As the New York-based interior designer Tara Benetexplai...

    ‘I love a wraparound bookcase – it makes a room feel so cozy, and in a painted finish it isn’t as heavy or traditional as a natural wood finish can feel,’ says interior designer Elizabeth Hay, who designed this scheme. This wonderfully bright blue colorway is also broken up by the textured wallcovering behind the sofa, allowing the space and artwor...

  3. Browse photos of beautiful living room cabinets on Houzz and find the best beautiful living room cabinets pictures & ideas.

  4. Aug 20, 2020 · They are attractive, sturdy, and many of them offer full functionality from floor to ceiling. Choose the one that's right for your style and storage needs, and you're on your way to a more organized living space. For inspiration, here are our 10 favorite corner cabinets.

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