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      • An Android or iOS application or a browser gets emulated by an emulator on an operating system considered as a defined one, such as that of Mac and Windows. What it does is that it establishes virtual hardware conditions of that of an Android or iOS device. Following this, we use it for testing besides debugging.
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  2. 7 Best iOS Emulators For PC (Windows And Mac) To Run iOS Apps › best-ios-emulators-pc-windows-mac

    Jan 27, 2021 · Apple’s homegrown Xcode software development environment for Mac comes with its own app simulator for iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and iMessage. So, if one is using Xcode as the primary app development...

      I’ve included and listed it in the first place due to the ease of use offered by this freemium service. Given the scarcity of iOS emulators for PC and Mac in the first place, it’s great to find a solution that asks you just to upload your app on its website, and you’re good to go.
    • Ripple
      While is a browser-based iPhone emulator for PCs, Ripple does its job in the form of a Chrome extension. It’s popular for testing cross-platform mobile and HTML5 applications without going through a complicated setup process.
    • iOS Simulator in Xcode
      iOS Simulator in Xcode
      Apple’s homegrown Xcode software development environment for Mac comes with its own app simulator for iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and iMessage.
  3. 20 Best iOS Emulators to Run iOS Apps on Mac and Windows › best-ios-emulators-to-run
    • What’s an Emulator? This is a piece of software, which lets a computer system act like another computer system. For instance, in this case, where we want to run iPhone apps on Mac/Windows, the emulator app will function as an iOS system that can be installed on the Mac/Windows laptop, with apps from Store now installed on this emulator.
    • Top iOS Emulators to Run iPhone Apps on Windows.
    • Smartface. Smartface is an exclusive app for app developers and contains some of the most useful features for testing your mobile app. The software, which is generally suitable for professional developers, makes it stress-free to develop for both iOS & Android on a Windows PC.
    • iPhone Simulator. This app works as a basic iPhone simulator that allows you to run iPhone apps & games on your laptop. It primarily emphasizes running games, so you can look forward to enjoying excellent graphics on the simulator.
  4. 8 Best iOS Emulators for PC in 2021 (Windows and Mac ... › best-ios-emulators-for-pc
    • iPadian. iPadian is more of a simulator than an emulator. That is, it does not create a local version of iOS on your device but gives you a taste of using it.
    • Smartface. This is one of the best iOS emulators for PC because it provides an incredibly user-friendly experience. It is widely utilized by developers to test the iOS apps that they are creating.
    • Appetize. Although one can only use this for 100 minutes a month for free, it is an emulator that very closely resembles what an actual iPhone would run like.
    • Xamarin. This is a plugin that you can use in Microsoft Visual Studio to develop iOS apps. It’s quite an advanced iOS emulator that is pretty complicated to configure on PC.
  5. How to Run IPhone Apps on a New Mac or Using an Emulator › how-to-run-iphone-apps

    You can't run iPhone apps on a Mac computer without using an emulator, though that will change with a new generation of Macs, set to come out by the end of 2020. The new Macs will run on Apple's...

  6. iOS SDK - Wikipedia › wiki › IPhone_SDK

    The kit allows for the development of mobile apps on Apple's iOS operating system. While originally developing iPhone prior to its unveiling in 2007, Apple's then-CEO Steve Jobs did not intend to let third-party developers build native apps for iOS, instead directing them to make web applications for the Safari web browser.

    • March 6, 2008; 12 years ago
    • Apple Inc.
    • 12.0 (September 17, 2018; 2 years ago) [±]
    • macOS
  7. Top 10 iOS Emulators For PC (Windows And Mac) That You Can ... › ios-emulators-for-pc-windows-mac
    • iPadian. First, we let you know iPadian is a simulator, not an emulator. It provides you the impression that you are using the iOS to see and feel the difference between Android and iOS.
    • Appetize is the best alternative to Emulator because of the ease of use this freemium service offers. It enables the user to create and check cloud-storage applications for iOS and Android.
    • Smartface. Smartface is another great Desktop simulator for your iPad / iPhone. This is widely used to build cross-platform applications. Smartface makes it simple to develop applications on cross-platform technologies for iOS and Android on Windows, with a new viewpoint.
    • iOS Simulator in Xcode. The simulator helps you to test computers running current and some legacy operating systems such as iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Each combination of a simulated device and software version is considered to have its own simulation environment, with its own settings and files independent of the others.
  8. iOS - Wikipedia › wiki › IOS

    iOS (formerly iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware.It is the operating system that powers many of the company's mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPod Touch; the term also included the versions running on iPads until the name iPadOS was introduced with version 13 in 2019.

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