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  1. mail·ing ad·dress


    • 1. the address to which a person's mail should be sent: "please include your full name and mailing address"
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    What does my mailing address mean?

    What does mail address mean?

    What is my mailing address?

    Can a person have more than one mailing address?

  3. Mailing address - definition of mailing address by The Free ...

    Define mailing address. mailing address synonyms, mailing address pronunciation, mailing address translation, English dictionary definition of mailing address. Noun 1. mailing address - the address where a person or organization can be communicated with address - the place where a person or organization can be...

  4. Mailing Address | Definition of Mailing Address by Merriam ... address

    Definition of mailing address. : an address to which mail can be sent.

  5. MAILING ADDRESS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    the address at which a person or business receives letters or packages, which can be different from the place where they work or live: What is your mailing address at your new home? Want to learn more? Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge.

  6. What does mailing address mean? definition, meaning and ...

    1. the address where a person or organization can be communicated with. Familiarity information: MAILING ADDRESS used as a noun is very rare.

  7. Mailing address definition and meaning | Collins English ...

    Oct 21, 2020 · noun the address to which letters, etc, intended for a person should be sent He had an incorrect mailing address for her and they lost touch with each other. Make sure to include your mailing address.

  8. What Does an Email Address Mean? | Techwalla

    Email addresses are always in the same form -- for example: The address is made up of two parts, the username and the domain name, which are separated by the @ symbol. The domain name explains what the top-level domain is, such as .com or .net, as well as the second-level domain -- in this example, "hotmail."

  9. Mailing Address vs Physical Address: What’s the Difference?
    • Different Purposes
    • Location, Location, Location
    • Choosing The Right Route
    • Not All Mailing Addresses Are Physical Addresses
    • Which Address to Use
    • Shipping Address and Physical Address
    • Helpful Tools

    A mailing address, or postal address, is often regulated by postal authorities that are commonly associated with services related to the sending and receiving of mail. For example, in the US this would be USPS. In the United Kingdom, Royal Mail. Deutsche Post DHL Group for Germany and JP Post or Japan Post (日本郵政 Nippon Yūsei) for Japan. These postal authorities can be public government agencies, like the USPS, or privatized companies like Royal Mail, Deutsche Post and JP Post- which were sold...

    Where a physical address is geographically located will often determine what public and private services it has access to. For example, a rural address may not have access to readily available public transportation or high-speed internet, whereas an address in a metropolitan area likely would.In the US, it is the job of the US Census Bureau (USCB) to collect and produce data about the people. Both public and private agencies rely on the various datasets produced by the USCB, such as geographi...

    Mailing address datasets are generally used to help facilitate and ensure the delivery of mail, and they are not necessarily one-to-one comparable with geographic datasets like TIGER. The main reason being that these datasets are intended to serve different purposes. Let’s take USPS ZIP Codes for example. USPS ZIP Codes are not geographic areas. They are a collection of mail delivery routes and they help identify individual post offices and delivery stations that are associated with mailing a...

    Here’s an interesting example of an address that is physically or geographically located in one state of the US, but the mailing address has it listed as being in another.Physical Address:25777 Co Rd 103Jelm, CO 82063USPS Mailing Address:25777 Co Rd 103Jelm, WY 82063-9203Using Google Maps to inspect the address and the surrounding area, we see that the location is near a state line, but the address is clearly in Colorado and not in Wyoming.According to Google the physical address is approxima...

    For some people, their physical address is the same as their mailing address and when asked for their address they don’t have to worry about which address to give because they are both the same. For others who don’t have matching mailing and physical addresses, some consideration is needed. If the purpose of the address is to send mail to it, then the mailing address should be given. If the address is needed to locate where a place is geographically located, then the physical address is neede...

    There can also be some confusing cases when it comes to the terms billing address and shipping address. Likely, the billing address will be a mailing address, but what about the shipping address? Let us suppose that a customer wants to have a package delivered to their doorstep. They want to enter their physical address, but they know that USPS does not deliver mail to their physical address. However, they do know that UPS does deliver to their door, but they are not sure about FedEx. If the...

    When businesses and organizations work with addresses it is important to know where they are located and if they are valid and deliverable. Otherwise, they risk making uninformed decisions that can end up wasting valuable resources like time and money and damaging customer relationships. That is why Service Objects provides various address related products to help prevent mistakes and reduce waste. Our services can quickly correct and standardize address to help determine where they are locat...

  10. Mailing | Definition of Mailing at

    Mailing definition, a batch of mail, as of form letters, catalogs, or monthly statements, sent by a mailer at one time: an enthusiastic response to our latest mailing.

  11. What does address line 1/2/3/4 mean? - Quora

    Lines are meant to organise the address when its written so it wont look messy and long. So every line will be separately. For example: LINE 1 : house/flat no, building name, street name/number.

  12. need to know what state/province means? | Yahoo Answers

    That's what address 1 means. Some people live in an apartment building, so they have additional information, like the apartment number. That would go in address 2. I don't live in an apartment, so I would leave that second line blank. In some other countries, there is additional information besides the typical 3-line address that we have in the ...