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  1. See all related content → al-Malik al-Kāmil, (born 1180—died 1238), sultan (from 1218) of the Ayyūbid line, who ruled Egypt, Palestine, and Syria during the Fifth and Sixth crusades. On his accession to the sultanate, al-Kāmil engaged the armies of the Fifth Crusade and eventually negotiated their withdrawal from Egypt in 1221.

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    Al-Kamil Al-Kamil (full name: al-Malik al-Kamil Naser ad-Din Abu al-Ma'ali Muhammad) (c. 1177 – 6 March 1238) was a Muslim ruler and the fourth Ayyubid sultan of Egypt. During his tenure as sultan, the Ayyubids defeated the Fifth Crusade.

  3. Al-Malik al-Kamil Sultan al-Kamil As portrayed by Zack Beyer Malik al-Kamil Nasir al-Din Muhammad (1180–1238) was the fourth Ayyubid sultan of Egypt and the lands under Ayyubid rule in Syria and Palestine from 1218 until his death. His name means The Perfect (al-Kamil) Prince (Malik), Victory (Nasr) of the Religion (al-Din).

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    Born in 1180, al-Malik al-Kamil Nasir al-Din Muhammad ibn al-Malik al-Adil ibn Bakr—or simply al-Kamil, as he is known in history—was the son of the sultan al-Adil, who was called Safadin in the West. Al-Adil, in turn, was the brother of the famous Saladin, a Muslim of Kurdish origin who rose from the rank of military leader to become the ruler of ...

    During these years of peace al-Kamil continued to fortify Cairo, a process that had been begun by his uncle, Saladin. He added several towers to the Citadel, the main fortification of the city, and also finished building the walls, which were thirty feet high and ten feet deep. By the late fall of 1217 Crusaders began arriving as part of the Fifth ...

    Al-Kamil had no sooner strengthened his kingdom than he received word of another Crusade on the horizon. The Sixth Crusade was led by the German emperor Frederick II, a man who was said to admire Islamic culture and civilization. In fact, al-Kamil had earlier sent a representative to the German emperor, and a correspondence had started between Fred...

    Like many Muslim leaders, al-Kamil hired numerous experts to study and teach at his courts in both Cairo and Damascus. One of the prominent scientists he managed to attract was Ibn al-Baitar, who was born in Malaga, Spain, at the end of the twelfth century. He studied botany and began collecting plants. This knowledge led him to become one of the m...


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  4. Nov 07, 2019 · Al-Malik al-Kamil lived in Egypt for a great part of his life. Even though Islam had been present for 600 years, a part of the population remained Christian.In fact, Egypt became a Muslim-majority area only approximately in the 10th century. Up until then, the majority had been Christian. The most widespread Christian domination in Egypt in the ...

  5. Sultan Malik al Kamil Sultan Al-Kamil was born in 1180 and was a Kurdish Ayyubid sultan who ruled North Africa. During his tenure as sultan, the Ayyo Territories defeated two crusades. The Yojobids were an Islamic dynasty of Kurds, ruling over (parts of) Syria, Egypt and northern Iraq in the 12th and 13th centuries.

  6. Al-Kamil (Arabic language: الكامل‎) (full name: al-Malik al-Kamel Naser al-Din Abu al-Ma'ali Muhammed) (1180–1238) was a Kurdish ruler, the fourth Ayyubid sultan of Egypt. During his tenure as sultan, the Ayyubids defeated two crusades. In a temporary agreement with the Crusaders, he ceded Jerusalem to the Christians and is known to have met with Saint Francis of Assisi at the ...

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