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      • Maria Theresa fell in in 1780, and felt the end was near though her son Joseph felt she would be alright. She died at age 63 after being nursed by her daughters Marianne (42), Christina (38) and Elisabeth (37). Her youngest son Maximilian (24) heard the news first, Maria Antoinette lastly.
    • Augustinian church in Vienna. . Three months after the marriage, she was already pregnant and gave birth to 16 children...
    • baby.. The fourth child was finally Joseph II (1741-1790) the first son and long-awaited heir to the throne.
    • Duke Ferdinand of Parma. . The ninth child and the third son was Peter...
  1. Maria Theresa’s first child, a daughter named Maria Elisabeth (1737–1740), died while still a young child. The eldest of the surviving children was Maria Anna (1738–1789), who developed strong intellectual interests and was very similar in character to her father. Afflicted by a deformation of the ribcage, she was not considered marriageable and remained with her mother until the latter’s death in 1780.

  2. Five children were born during the peace between the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years' War: Maria Johanna, Maria Josepha, (the third) Maria Carolina, Ferdinand and Maria Antonia. She delivered her last child, Maximilian Francis , during the Seven Years' War, aged 39.

  3. Oct 08, 2014 · In 1765 Maria Theresa’s husband, Francis Stephen, died. Upon his death, Maria Theresa appointed her eldest son, Joseph II, as emperor and co-regent. The two frequently clashed in their beliefs.

  4. Maria Theresa and Anthony were parents to four children, all of whom were born and died in Dresden; none survived to the age of two: Maria Ludovika Auguste Fredericka Therese Franziska Johanna Aloysia Nepomucena Ignatia Anna Josepha Xaveria Franziska de Paula Barbara (14 March 1795 – 25 April 1796).

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