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    Martina Franca, or just Martina (Martinese: Marténe), is a town and municipality in the province of Taranto, Apulia, Italy. It is the second most populated town of the province after Taranto, and has a population (2016) of 49,086. Since 1975, the town has hosted the annual summer opera festival, the Festival della Valle d'Itria.

    • 1300 AD
    • Taranto (TA)
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    Vasútállomása a Bari–Martina Franca–Taranto-vasútvonalon fekszik. Történelme. A települést a 10. században, a közeli tengerparti területekről, a gyakran ismétlődő szaracén kalóztámadások elől menekülő lakosság alapította Monte di San Martino néven. A 14. században Anjou Fülöp, tarantói herceg a várost ...

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    Martina Franca is a town with a population of 50,000 in Apulia, southern Italy. Understand . Martina Franca is the main centre of Itria Valley, a karst depression area straddling the provinces of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto, in which it is located. Get in By plane

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Martina Franca is a railway station in Martina Franca, Italy. The station is located on the Bari–Martina Franca–Taranto railway and Martina Franca-Lecce railway. The train services are operated by Ferrovie del Sud Est.

  6. Jews in Martina Franca - Wikipedia

    In 1495 one-third of the population of the town of Martina Franca, Italy, was made of practising Jews or Jews converted to Christianity. The escape involved one-third of the population: 150–200 families (at least one thousand people). Among the privileges granted the city council of Martina in 1495, King Frederick of Aragon forbade Jews and Crypto-Jews and Neofiti to press charges against those who robbed them (probably during the riots of 1494–1495 during the French invasion of the ...

  7. A.S.D. Martina Calcio 1947 - Wikipedia

    A.S.D. Martina Calcio 1947, formerly A.S. Martina Franca 1947, and A.C. Martina, usually referred to as simply Martina Franca or just Martina, is an Italian association football club, based in Martina Franca, Apulia. The club was re-founded in 2008 as A.S.D. Martina Franca 1947 and again 2016 as A.S.D. Martina Calcio 1947 .

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Martina Franca donkey, Italian: Asino di Martina Franca, is a breed of donkey from Puglia in southern Italy. It is the largest Italian donkey breed, and was famous for its qualities in the production of mules.

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    Martina Franca (Martène in dialetto locale) è un comune italiano di 48 053 abitanti della provincia di Taranto in Puglia.. Nota per l'architettura barocca, sorge sulle propaggini meridionali delle Murge, al confine delle province di Taranto e Brindisi con la città metropolitana di Bari.

    • Taranto
    • Francesco Ancona (PD) dal 25-6-2017
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    Martina Franca (Italia) Poziția geografică Coordonate: 40°42′0″N 17°20′0″E  /  40.70000°N 17.33333°E 40°42′0″N 17°20′0″E  /  40.70000°N 17.33333

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