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    Dante is the main protagonist in the Devil May Cry series. He is the second son of Sparda and Eva, and the younger twin brother of Vergil. As such, he is a half-demon/half-human hybrid. Dante is a mercenary dedicated to exterminating demons, a mission he follows in pursuit of those that killed his mother and corrupted his brother.

    Like his father, the Dark Knight Sparda, Dante has naturally white hair and cyan eyes. As for clothing, he wears his Devil May Cry 3 outfit which consists of a red trenchcoat, black fingerless gloves, brown pants and brown boots. In Devil May Cry 3he's shirtless, but in the rest of the series his shirt is closed.

    Throughout the Devil May Cry series, Dante is incredibly cocky and flippant, mouthing off to even the most powerful demons, and generally enjoys rubbing people the wrong way. He does mature somewhat as time goes by, becoming much more calm by the time of Devil May Cry 4, but never really loses this attitude. Dante is seemingly totally unafraid at all times, or is at least stoic in this way, whether being attacked by the Seven Hells in his office or being swallowed by a giant serpent demon. His brother also shares this similar calm-and-fearless disposition. With the exception of Devil May Cry 2(which most fans ignore anyway), Dante rarely shows any seriousness. He can be serious when the situation calls for it, but can still remain calm during such situations and is never without a witty taunt or comeback. Dante can seem at times to be uncaring or even callous, but actually has a very strong sense of justice and prefers to fight fairly. He can be counted on to do the right thing, eve...

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Dante's theme song for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite are remixes of Devils Never Cry from Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.

    Dante has, according to Capcom, no references for his original color schemes, though it was assumed they were based on his Diesel clothing from Devil May Cry 2, Trish (Blond hair and black coat and...
    One of his intro quotes is, "Let's rock, baby!", which is something of Dante's trademark Pre-Asskicking One-Liner. He also caps off his Million Dollars hyper with, "Jackpot!". This is Dante's perso...
    At the end of his Million Dollars hyper, Dante fires two bullets made out of pure demonic energy, alluding to his finisher on Mundus in the first game and his combination attack with Vergil in the...
    His Level 3 is named Devil Must Die, a nod to the notoriously difficult "Dante Must Die" mode in the DMC games.
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    • Demonic Strength/Agility, Various Devil Arms, Devil Trigger
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    Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds move list; Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes move list; Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes move list

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    The Marvel vs. Capcom series is a series of fighting games created by Capcom that contain characters from both Marvel Comics and Capcom. 15,941 pages. 1,026 articles.

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    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, a standalone updated edition of the original Marvel vs. Capcom 3, was released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox 360 in 2011. [19] [20] The game was also released for the PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Network in 2016; releases for the Xbox One via the Xbox Live Arcade and Microsoft Windows via Steam ...

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    TIME TO ROCK Born from the union of an angel and a devil, Dante harnesses super-human powers granted by his supernatural heritage to battle supernatural forces which threaten mankind. As stylish as he is dangerous, Dante uses a plethora of weapons including his twin handguns, “Ebony and Ivory,” as well as his sword, “Rebellion,” to dispatch his foes. THE LEGACY OF DANTE: 1. Devil May Cry 2. Devil May Cry 2 3. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening 4. Devil May Cry 4 5. DmC: Devil May Cry (2013) 6. Devil May Cry 5


    Name: Nariko


    After defeating Polygon Man, Dante challenges the demons, using Polygon Man's power.


    1. Adios Punk- Dante bows, then reaches for his sword with his left hand, and tells the opponent to come over with his other hand. 1. That Was Lame- Dante pulls up both of his sleeves. 1. Stay... and Die- Dante points to the opponent, then gives them a thumbs down.


    1. When selected: 1.1. I've got some time to kill. 1.2. Nice choice. Let's do this! 1.3. All right! Let's rock! 2. Prematch: 2.1. Last chance to walk away. 2.2. Just made my day. 2.3. It's on! 3. Item Pick-up: 3.1. Check it out. 3.2. This'll work. 3.3. Hmm...not bad. 3.4. Oh yeah. 3.5. I'll take it! 4. Using Rebellion Triple/Overdrive: 4.1. Hell awaits you! 5. Using Stinger: 5.1. How about that? 1. Successful KO: 1.1. Aw yeah! 1.2. Maybe next time. 1.3. At least you tried. 1.4. Adios kid. 1.5...

    1. Last Chance to Walk Away: Dante walks on-stage stretching his arm, says "Last chance to walk away" and then grabs his sword, Rebellion, while smiling. 1. Just Made My Day: Dante looks to both sides, then turns and gets into fighting position while saying, "Just made my day." 1. It's On: Dante swings his sword downward, looks up, and says, "It's on!" 1. Get You Some: Dante does a sideways flip, lands to the ground, does a small turn and a small hop, then swings his sword and holds it behind...

    1. Embarrassing: Dante does a spin kick. 1. Said You Were a Punk: Dante smiles triumphantly and aims Ebony and Ivory sideways over each other. 1. It's Over: Dante brushes off his shoulder with his right hand. 1. At Least You Tried: Dante looks to the camera and nods his head.

    1. If using Embarrassing: Dante stares downwards defeated, crouching on one leg. 2. If using Said You Were a Punk: Dante angrily swings his sword with his back turned to the camera. 3. If using It's Over: Dante sits on his knees and slams his fist against the ground. 4. If using At Least You Tried: Dante lies on his stomach, his hand over his chest in pain.

    Demon Killer

    Dante's default appearance as he is seen in DmC: Devil May Cry. 1. His default appearance in DmC. 2. A trenchcoat look. 3. Based on Vergil from Devil May Cry 3. 4. Based on Nero from Devil May Cry 4.

    Dante's standard costume without his distinctive coat and gloves, showing his white sleeveless shirt as seen in DmC: Devil May Cry. The costume is part of the pre-order costume pack. 1. Default: white tank top, faded black jeans 2. Dark gray tank top and black jeans 3. Blue tank top and brown jeans 4. Red tank top and blue jeans

    Dante, missing his jacket, shirt, and gloves. 1. Default color: faded black jeans and boots 2. Faded jeans and faded black boots 3. Blue jeans and faded brown boots 4. Purple jeans and faded black boots

    Dante and Raidenare the only characters that appeared as playable characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale before their own game was released, as Dante was playable before DmC: Devil May C...
    Dante, Raiden, Sly Cooper and Isaac Clarke are the only characters whose forms are from their newest game installments, Dante from DmC: Devil May Cry, Raiden from Metal Gear Rising: Revengence, Sly...
    Dante is one of two third-party characters who started on the PlayStation 2, the other being Raiden.
    This Dante takes his appearance from the Devil May Cry reboot DmC, as opposed to the classic Dante from the first four games.
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    This is a list of all the downloadable content available for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. It is mostly comprised of alternate costumes and additional characters for the game. 1 List of downloadable content 1.1 Character Pass 1.2 Premium Costumes 1.2.1 Wave 1 1.2.2 Wave 2 2 Trailers 3 References Announced before the release of the game, the Character Pass is included in the Season Pass of the ...

  8. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Character Theme - DANTE | ダンテ ----- Game: Marvel vs. Capcom: Infin...

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    Marvel Vs. Capcom – Clashofthe SuperHeroes [01059] Marvel Vs. Capcom – Clashofthe SuperHeroes [01059] Rom/Emulator file, which is available for free download on You can use emulator to play the Playstation games on your Windows PC, Mac, Android and iPhone. The size of this Marvel Vs. Capcom – Clashofthe SuperHeroes [01059] Emulator/ROM is just 241.9MB only and around 25270 people already downloaded and played it.

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    Mephisto is a perennial villain in the Marvel Universe, and is responsible for a number of evil acts, including capturing and holding the soul of Cynthia von Doom – the mother of Doctor Doom — until Doctor Strange and Doom free her to ascend to heaven. He was jealous of the worship of the fire demon Zarathos, so, posing as Satan, Mephisto creates the Ghost Rider by bonding Zarathos to Johnny Blaze. In one story where he battled Thor, he was shown to have various historical villains in his realm, such as Adolf Hitler, Blackbeard, and Attila the Hun. Mephisto acted as servant of the mad titan Thanos during the War of the Gems, seeking to attain that power for himself. He is also responsible for capturing the souls of heroes Mister Fantastic (whose intelligence was also stolen by Mephisto), the Invisible Woman, and Franklin Richards due to a botched summoning by an exorcist; furthermore, he creates his 'son' Blackheart, a demonic entity that plagues many of Earth's heroes; and manipula...

    Although Mephisto is a separate character in the comics, in the games he is just a palette swap of his own son Blackheart with attacks that set the enemy on fire when hit. Originally, he was been planned to be featured as a special move or hyper combo in Blackheart's moveset, with incomplete sprites being leftover in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter ROMs. Judging from the sprites, this was meant to be an attack where Blackheart summons Mephisto to grab his opponent and breath hellfire upon them.

    Mephisto's sprite in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter is a recolored version of Blackheart's sprite.
    Mephisto appeared in both Thanos' stage and Blackheart's ending in Marvel Super Heroesprior to his palette swap appearance in MSHvSF.
    When paired with Blackheart, if Mephisto finishes the opponent using the Crossover Combination attack, the word Armageddon (the name of one of his super moves) will appear twice (Armageddon Armaged...
    Along with Shadow and U.S. Agent, his name is never said by the announcer in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.
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