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  1. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes game for M.A.M.E. - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. This is the USA version of the game and can be played using any of the Mame emulators available on our website. Download the Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes ROM now and enjoy playing this game on your computer or phone.

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    Like his father, the Dark Knight Sparda, Dante has naturally white hair and cyan eyes. As for clothing, he wears his Devil May Cry 3 outfit which consists of a red trenchcoat, black fingerless gloves, brown pants and brown boots. In Devil May Cry 3he's shirtless, but in the rest of the series his shirt is closed.


    Throughout the Devil May Cry series, Dante is incredibly cocky and flippant, mouthing off to even the most powerful demons, and generally enjoys rubbing people the wrong way. He does mature somewhat as time goes by, becoming much more calm by the time of Devil May Cry 4, but never really loses this attitude. Dante is seemingly totally unafraid at all times, or is at least stoic in this way, whether being attacked by the Seven Hells in his office or being swallowed by a giant serpent demon. Hi...

    Dante's ending features him preparing to fight against Ghost Rider (another demon hunter). It also features him being able to break the fourth wall, in a similar fashion as his rival, Deadpool.

    He's at his desk when he notices Mephisto behind him who offers to make Dante a deal to bring back his mother and help bring him and his brother back together. However Dante turns on Mephisto and instead makes a new deal that he'll hunt down someone for Mephisto for a price, and he won't kill him. As a result, Mephisto is quick to bring up Blackheartso which Dante decides to go though with and makes Mephisto pay triple for the job.

    Dante is involved in a number of situations regarding the story and functions as the story's overall protagonist. He is seen alongside the heroes in the failed raiding of Xgard to take on Ultron Sigma. Dante is one of the ones that retreats back to the Avengers tower in New Metro City to decide wether or not it's safe to trust Thanos. Dante ultimately sides with Captain America as trusting him is the only option left to them, opposing Iron Man and Chun-Li. Dante is also involved in the fight...

    Dante has a massive amount of command normals and special attacks, more so than any other character in the entire series. Dante's moveset gives him a powerful rushdown game with lots of combos, crossups, mixups and pressure, making him a character that excels well in literally any field as a souped-up Jack-of-All-Trades character, with average health and damage output to date. He makes an extremely effective battery character (or on-point altogether) since his specials allow him to extend his combos greatly without using his hyper combos. His normals also have great range, and his crouching L/A is a superb low hitting poke. His moves only deal average damage, and Dante only using a few of his tools, can be just as lethal; Dante in the hands of an expert or novice alike can at times see no need to rely on his full moveset.

    Dante's theme in both MvC3 and MvCI is a remix of the ending theme of Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, "Devils Never Cry".
    He was confirmed early May in Game Informer's May 2010 issue, also featuring Captain America, Deadpool and Felicia.
    In game, most, if not all, of his special moves were derived from Devil May Cry 3's different Gunslinger and Swordmaster style moves. When the player activates a special move, rings of light flash...
    Capcom Database: Dante
    Devil May Cry Wiki: Dante
    Wikipedia: Dante
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  3. Marvel vs. Capcom : Clash of the Super Heroes [USA] iso for Playstation (PSX/PS1) and play Marvel vs. Capcom : Clash of the Super Heroes [USA] on your devices windows pc , mac ,ios and android! | start download

  4. Capcom is wasting no time at all making it clear that they're very much behind Sega's Dreamcast. On March 25, exactly one month after their first DC title (Power Stone) hits, they'll be back with their second arcade port-Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. As you can see by these screens, it looks exactly like the arcade game.

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  5.'s game information and ROM (ISO) download page for Marvel vs. Capcom - Clash of Super Heroes (Sony Playstation).

    • 235.71 MB
    • Sony Playstation
  6. Capcom 2 - New Age of Heroes game for Sony PlayStation 2. This is the USA version of the game and can be played using any of the PS2 emulators available on our website. Download the Marvel VS. Capcom 2 - New Age of Heroes ROM now and enjoy playing this game on your computer or phone. This game was categorized as Fighting on our website.

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