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    5 days ago · Galactus appears in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds/Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (PS3, X360, PS4, XONE and PC 2011/2016 (re-release)), voiced by Jonathan Adams. Galactus appears in the Fantastic Four virtual pinball game for Pinball FX 2 (PS3, 2011).

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    4 days ago · MODOK appears in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, voiced again by Wally Wingert. This version is the leader of A.I.M.brella, who perform experiments on the Mind Stone on Jedah Dohma's behalf. MODOK and his enforcer Nemesis are later defeated by a team of heroes, who take the Mind Stone.

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    Inspired by Mephistopheles of the Faust legend,[citation needed] he was introduced into Marvel comics by writer Stan Lee and penciler John Buscema, Mephisto debuted in The Silver Surfer #3 (cover-dated Dec. 1968), and was established as a perennial foe for the cosmic hero, also appearing in Silver Surfer#8–9 (Sept.–Oct. 1969) and #16–17 (May–June 1970). Author Mike Conroy has described Mephisto as "the tempterwho could offer the endlessly soul-tormented Silver Surfer the world, even dangling the Surfer's off-limits long-distance lover in front of him. As always the case with Lee's heroes, the Surfer's goodness and nobility won out, but Mephisto was only stymied, not defeated, and the pattern was set." Mephisto went on to become a foe for the Norse god Thor in Thor #180–181 (Sept.-Oct. 1970), Astonishing Tales #8 (Oct. 1971) and Thor #204–205 (Oct.–Nov. 1972). He was later revealed to be the being to whom Johnny Blaze had sold his soul to and thus had been cursed to become the Ghost...


    Mephisto is a perennial villain in the Marvel Universe, and is responsible for a number of evil acts, including capturing and holding the soul of Cynthia von Doom – the mother of Doctor Doom — until Doctor Strange and Doom freed her to ascend to Heaven. He was jealous of the worship of the fire demon Zarathos, so, posing as Satan, Mephisto creates the Ghost Rider by bonding Zarathos to Johnny Blaze. Mephisto refers to his domain as Hell. In one story where he battled Thor, he was shown to hav...

    Secret Wars II, 1980s and Infinity Gauntlet

    In Secret Wars II, Mephisto seeks to steal Beyonder's powers or to destroy him to win the favor of Death. Mephisto sends an army of supervillains called the Legion Accursedto attack the Beyonder, who is saved by the Thing. After the Legion Accursed was defeated, Mephisto returned its members to where they were before he formed the group. Mephisto later creates his 'son' Blackheart, a demonic entity that plagues many of Earth's heroes.Mephisto later manipulates the sorcerer Master Pandemonium...

    Mephisto is an extremely powerful immortal demonic entity possessing abilities used by manipulating the forces of magic. Mephisto can use his power for a variety of uses, including superhuman strength, shape and size shifting, projecting illusions, manipulating memories, and altering time.He is also highly resistant to injury. The character has been shown to be energized by sources of evil in the human realm, such as the alien Dire Wraiths. Like other demons, Mephisto is symbiotically linked to, and considerably more powerful within, his own realm, and the character is able to transform the structure at will. Within it he has threatened a galaxy, and stalemated a nourished Galactus until the latter threatened to consume his realm. If Mephisto's physical form is destroyed, the character will regenerateand reform in his domain. Mephisto is known for acquiring souls, but cannot subjugate the will of another being without the victim's permission, which is usually done with some form of...

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    In the Guardians' 31st century timeline he has a daughter named Malevolence.[volume & issue needed]

    Universe X

    In the Earth X sequel, Universe X, Mephisto is the force behind Pope Immortus (secretly Kang) and his extermination of Reed Richards' Human Torch to assume mutant dominance.It was later revealed that in that reality, Mephisto is not the devil, but the first mutant to exist, shaped by mankind's fear.

    Ultimate Marvel

    Mephisto (as Satan) appeared in Ultimate Comics: Avengers as the man Johnny Blaze sold his soul to avenge his love Roxanne, and to punish the guilty as a "bounty hunter for Hell."


    1. Mephisto makes a cameo appearance in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends animated series episode "The Prison Plot", as an illusion created by Mastermind. 2. Mephisto was due to appear in the proposed second season of the Silver Surfer animated series, with his demonic nature toned down and made acceptable for children.He makes a cameo at the end of the episode "Down to Earth, Part 3".


    1. Mephisto, as Mephistopheles, appears in the 2007 live-action film Ghost Rider, portrayed by Peter Fonda. This version primarily appears in a human form, with glimpses of his true goat-like demonic form appearing throughout the film. He also employs a Ghost Rider as a bounty hunter. Prior to the film's events, he turned Carter Slade into a Ghost Rider in the 1800s to retrieve the Contract of San Venganza, but Slade betrayed Mephistopheles. In 1986, Johnny Blaze makes a deal with Mephistophe...

    Video games

    1. Mephisto appears as a stage boss in the NES game Silver Surfer. 2. Mephisto appears as a secret character in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter as a palette swap of Blackheart. 3. Mephisto's voice is heard in a bonus mission in the 2005 Fantastic Fourfilm tie-in game. 4. Mephisto appears as a boss in the game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance voiced by Fred Tatasciore. Doctor Doom uses Nightcrawler combined with the Mutant Amplifier to teleport to Mephisto's Realm and gain a Twilight Sword so...

    • Superhuman physical attributes and intelligence, Immortality, Magical powers
    • Stan Lee (writer), John Buscema (artist)
    • Six-Fingered Hand, Legion Accursed
    • The Silver Surfer #3 (Dec. 1968)
  4. 4 days ago · A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) is a fictional criminal organization appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.In most versions, it is depicted as a network of terrorist arms dealers and scientists specializing in highly advanced and technological weaponry, whose ultimate goal is the overthrow of all world governments for their own gains.

  5. 4 days ago · Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is a 2006 action role-playing video game, developed by Raven Software for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox and Xbox 360, and published by Activision. The game was ported to the PlayStation Portable and Wii by Vicarious Visions , and to Microsoft Windows by Beenox .

  6. 6 days ago · Iceman ( Robert Louis Drake) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics and is a founding member of the X-Men. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist/co-plotter Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in The X-Men #1 (September 1963). Iceman is a mutant born with superhuman abilities.

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