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  1. What Is The Middle East And What Countries Are Part Of It? The Middle East is a geographical and cultural region located primarily in western Asia, but also in parts of northern Africa and southeastern Europe. The western border of the Middle East is defined by the Mediterranean Sea, where Israel, Lebanon, and Syria rest opposite from Greece ...

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  3. The Middle East. is a geographical region that, to many people in the United States, refers to the Arabian Peninsula and lands bordering the easternmost part of the Mediterranean Sea, the northernmost part of the Red Sea, and the Persian Gulf. Countries that reside in this definition of the Middle East include: Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran ...

  4. The countries in near the sea are commonly known as the Levant. "The Middle East" is a term traditionally applied by western Europeans to the countries of SW Asia and NE Africa lying W of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Thus defined it includes Cyprus, the Asian part of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, Jordan, Iraq ...

  5. Map of Middle East and Middle East Countries Maps... The Middle East includes the states of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel although its geographical definition is not really well defined. The Middle East landscape is varied with vast deserts ...

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    • What Makes Middle East?
    • Bahrain
    • Cyprus
    • Egypt
    • Iran
    • Iraq
    • Israel
    • Jordan
    • Kuwait
    • Lebanon

    As mentioned above, the countries of the region share several features in common. For example, the Middle East region has Arabs as the largest ethnic group. Iranian peoples and Turkic speaking peoples are the next two common ethnic groups. Islam is the largest religion in the region. In fact, the region is the birthplace of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. As expected, Arabic is the most spoken language here. Other popular languages include Persian, Kurdish, Hebrew, and Turkish.

    Area: 760 km2
    Population: 1,641,170
    Capital: Manama
    Area: 9,251 km2
    Population: 1,198,580
    Capital: Nicosia
    Area: 1,010,40  km2
    Population: 100,388,070
    Capital: Cairo
    Area: 1,648,195 km2
    Population: 82,913,910
    Capital: Tehran
    Area: 438,317 km2
    Population: 39,309,780
    Capital: Baghdad
    Area: 20,770 km2
    Population: 9,053,300
    Capital: Jerusalem
    Area: 92,300 km2
    Population: 10,101,690
    Capital: Amman
    Area: 17,820 km2
    Population: 4,207,080
    Capital: Kuwait City
    Area: 10,400 km2
    Population: 6,855,710
    Capital: Beirut
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