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  1. Identity Crisis: Ethnicity and Conflict in Myanmar | Crisis Group › asia › south-east-asia

    Aug 28, 2020 · ‘Lumyo’ in the 2014 Myanmar Population and Housing Census”, Sojourn: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia, vol. 32, no. 2 (2017); Sarah Clarke et al., Re-Examining Ethnic Identity in Myanmar, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, May 2019, p. 35.

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    Asia covers an area of 44,579,000 square kilometres (17,212,000 sq mi), about 30% of Earth's total land area and 8.7% of the Earth's total surface area. The continent, which has long been home to the majority of the human population, was the site of many of the first civilizations.

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    In 2008, Asia’s marine fishing areas produced roughly 50 percent of the global fish capture. Six of the top 10 world producers of fish are found in Asia: China, Indonesia, Japan, India, Philippines, and Myanmar (Burma). Asia also produced about 90 percent of the world’s aquaculture-raised fish in 2008.

  4. Myanmar Map, Detailed map of Myanmar (Burma) › myanmar

    The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, previously known as Burma, is located in southeast Asia. It borders China to the north and northeast, Laos and Thailand to the east and southeast, India and Bangladesh to the west, and the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea to the south.

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    Welcome to - Select your location to find services for shipping your package, package tracking, shipping rates, and tools to support shippers and small businesses

  6. Myanmar has one of the weakest health care systems in the world, and the combined effect of COVID and a military coup has stretched it to a point of total collapse. Asia News

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    Apr 16, 2021 · Southeast Asia. Asia is an extensive continent on the Eurasia landmass, covering approximately 44.6 million km 2, about 9% of the world’s total land area.Because of its vastness, the continent of Asia is divided into 5 regions, mainly for statistical purposes and not political or related reasons.

  8. Asia Map / Map of Asia - Maps, Facts and Geography of Asia ... › webimage › countrys

    The countries of Southeast Asia include Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (or Burma), the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, East Timor (or Timor-Leste), and Vietnam. It is worth reiterating that these regional borders are as porous as Asia’s continental borders, and some countries can be organized differently.

  9. Internal conflict in Myanmar - Wikipedia › wiki › Internal_conflict_in_Myanmar

    India and Myanmar share a strategic military relationship due to the overlapping insurgency in Northeast India. India has provided Myanmar's military with training, weapons, and tactical equipment. The two countries' armies have conducted joint operations against insurgents at their border since the 1990s.

  10. A Complete List of All the Countries in Asia - Science Struck › list-of-countries-in-asia

    A Complete List of All the Countries in Asia. Asia is the largest continent in the world, both in terms of area and population. Read on to know more about the countries in this gigantic continent.

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