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  1. N4G - Home of the PS3 fanboy

    Whenever a 360 exclusive is released and critics give it props immediately Sony fanboys pull the big 3 card. I agree 100% that UC2 is the graphics king thus far but please, can we move on, graphics alone DO NOT make a game. The xbox 360 is capable of great graphics, it ran FFXIII contrary to PS3 fanboy belief.

  2. Why N4G Sucks (DualStix 16.1) - YouTube

    Dec 21, 2011 · Keith and Andrew start off the 16th episode by ripping into N4G and its flawed system for promoting articles. Check the link below for the link dump and the full episode. Articles Mentioned: 5 ...

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  3. My God N4G is a Sony Toilet | Union Video Game Forums

    I have been a member of n4g for about 7-8 monthes. I give credit to its creators for coming up with a great idea, but what they dreamt up is broken when it comes to cred. The site is clearly biased, and a venture into the comments section of any xbox story is disgusting fanboyism unmoderated...

  4. Bloodborne Review | Attack of the Fanboy

    From Software and Sony’s Japan Studio teamed up to release Demon’s Souls as a PlayStation 3 exclusive back in 2009. They might not have guessed it at the time, but Demon’s Souls went on to become one of the most beloved PS3 exclusives for Action-RPG players.

  5. Marvel's Iron Man VR Review | Attack of the Fanboy

    Major first party VR releases for PlayStation VR are pretty few and far between, with the most recent new releases being last year’s Blood and Truth and Everybody’s Golf VR. Sony has proven they are still very much invested in PSVR, even with the PlayStation 5 on the horizon, and Marvel’s Iron Man VR is the latest indication of this.

  6. Hermen Hulst Q&A: Interview with Head of PlayStation’s ...

    Mar 10, 2020 · This news from Sony saves me from buying a PlayStation 5, because Hermen’s speech is very reminiscent of Phil Spencer’s: he talks about exclusives and in the next answer he puts an exclusive on the PC. The best solution for me is a good PC instead of the PS5. But that will bring its cost to Sony: instead of Gran Turismo, I will buy Forza.

  7. Sony PlayStation At E3 2018: A PS Fanboy Was Disappointed ...

    Leif: I waited in bated breath for Sony Playstations Press Conference at E3 2018. I was hyped and was getting ready to watch Naughty Dogs sequel to The Last of Us. The conference started with the signature music from the Last of Us. I thought to myself, this is going to be an awesome presentation. Boy, was I wrong.

  8. PC | ThatGameCompany

    Hi guys, I'm creating pages for each specific format so and a general gaming section for topics and discussions you'd like to have outside of the daily topics. I'm gonna have to apologise to the PC community as I know nothing about PC gaming but If you can live with that I'll try my best.…

  9. Xbox Heading into Next Generation in a Position of Strength ...

    N4G Took it down because it was well written and put Xbox in a positive form and Sony fanboys don't like anything being talked about Xbox in any positive way. I'm serious That site is stuck in 2012 2013 they ignore everything MS has planned. They truly believe that MS won't have games to announce come June and SOME HOW nothing has change.

  10. Xbox Fanboys Starving for Games - YouTube

    Apr 20, 2017 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue

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