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  1. N4G - Home of the PS3 fanboy

    Whenever a 360 exclusive is released and critics give it props immediately Sony fanboys pull the big 3 card. I agree 100% that UC2 is the graphics king thus far but please, can we move on, graphics alone DO NOT make a game. The xbox 360 is capable of great graphics, it ran FFXIII contrary to PS3 fanboy belief.

  2. Petition · hava media: N4G ADMIN needs to be Fired. ·

    He is known to quickly ban and restrict gamers that favor the Xbox brand. Examples include Xbox fans responding to Sony fanboys that are in no doubt trolling on these Xbox articles on this particular site. Instead of punishing these Sony fanboy perpetrators, Xbox fans get mark instead with restrictions and loss of posting privileges.

  3. Jan 25, 2015 · Direct X 12 will have a significant effect one the Xbox One ! Sony Fanboys Damage Controlling

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    • Bryce 360
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  4. GAMING UNCHAINED: N4G the Sony Fanboy Website

    N4G the Sony Fanboy Website I am excited for the PS4 just like many are on N4G. However, it is safe to say the site is mainly composed of biased PlayStation fanboys that have been around even way before Sony's announcement to the PS4.

  5. What the hell happened to | NeoGAF

    Jan 30, 2009 · is a place for fanboys to dwell. Most of the story there is Sony is dying, PR talk, sells, non news, MS is evil, Nintendo doesn't give a damn about hardcore, etc. Forgot review scores from out of nowhere websites.

  6. Urban Dictionary: N4G

    A site that uploads gaming news. The site is controversial due to the fact that fans get to approve what stories get posted on the front page, and said stories always turn out to be fanboyish.

  7. Neogaf sucks: The attack of the Fanboys | The5spot's Blog

    Jan 11, 2009 · is far worse than GAF, I can assure you. ... Nirolak the admin at gaf is a huge Sony fanboy. It’s really quite pathetic. I guess fanboys drive the site.

  8. This is why I hate Sony fanboys. : pcmasterrace

    This is why everyone hates Sony fanboys. ftfy. level 2. FX-8350/EVGA GTX780 ACX SC. 1 point · 6 years ago. This is why everyone hates Consolol fanboys. FTFY. level 1.

  9. N4G, just wow (hits an alltime low) - System Wars - GameSpot

    As long as you're pro PS3, and trash MS with blatant lies, all of the other Sony SLAVES at N4G will eat it up like it's the absolute truth. If anyone really wants to see how bad Sony fanboys are ...

  10. Is N4G Good For Gaming Or Just A Controversial Marketing Tool ...

    If you’re a hardcore gamer you probably have heard of a fast rising video game news aggregation site, It’s run by gamers and provides news for gamers. Just like any other news ...