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  1. Sony fanboys - full of double standards? | N4G

    The Sony fanboys agree with the ‘great, well-written’ article despite having run-on sentences, spelling errors and lacking depth. There were no reports, other than the mod who took it down, and the contributor was never called out. I wonder how the Sony fanboys would react if it was anti-PS3. Well, let’s turn to:

  2. Fanboys | N4G

    Fandroids are a cancer on N4G and society, taking their marching orders from the Sony hivemind they delight in purchasing and talking up every single Sony product that flops, like the PS3, UMD, Blu-Ray, BetaMAX, MiniDisc and MemoryStick while listening to MP3s on their walkman and surfing N4G from their Mylo.

  3. N4G is a ps3 dominated website, Gamespot is where all the 360 gamers r, so each website has their own share of fanboys.The gaming community in n4g is sliding downhill, because of U fanboys. Thanx a lot.

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    What does fanboys stand for-conjunctions?

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  5. Sony fanboys are ignorant pricks | N4G

    Sony fanboys are ignorant pricks. There, I said it. To be fair, ALL fanboys of every nature and variety are ruining this world, and they should all be killed. I'm not talking about regular fans of Sony or their console. I have no problem with anyone that has or wants a PS3. I think it's a perfectly fine piece of hardware.

  6. Happy N4G Sony Fanboy Day | N4G

    My fellow Sony gamers, this coming February 19 is a date that needs to be commemorated, celebrated, and remembered. That date marks the end of the HD Format War between HD and Blu-Ray, with the Blu-Ray side winning the war. The date also marks the end of N4G’s Great Fanboy War of 2007, and the complete transition from a bleak landscape of Microsoft-propogated ignorance to a high-cultured ...

  7. Bethesda Acquisition Is a Kick in the Balls for PS5, But Sony ...

    PushSquare: “Xbox has acquired Bethesda for a frightening sum of money, putting that oft-referenced Microsoft warchest to use at last. The purchase price, an eye-watering $7.5 billion, eclipses the sum Disney spent on Marvel and Star Wars combined – it’s a frankly flabbergasting figure. It’s also potentially a giant blow for the PlayStation 5, but we don’t think Sony’s plans will ...

  8. is filled with Sony fanboy morons? | Yahoo Answers

    Mar 14, 2014 · After being on the site for a while now I feel that for my own sanity, I best leave. It's filled with legions of insecure PS fanboys that will blindly follow and agree with everything Sony says or does and passionately hate on anything Microsoft says or does, I myself own a PS3 but that doesn't mean I have to rub it in everyones face just because Sony have the upper hand at the moment, anyway ...

  9. Sony debt rating lowered near junk | N4G

    Sony is in trouble, big trouble and no amount of ranting or raving will change that. Economic conditions, bad business decisions have compounded Sony's dire predicament. You sound like the Sega fanboys before Dreamcast launched. Sad.

  10. Should Sony stay with the Cell CPU for the PS4? | N4G

    Sony is gonna use Gaikai for backwards compatibility and also if the PS4 is powerful enough a software Emulator will work for ps3 games. Toshiba IBM and Sony are the 3 companies that were responsible for the Cell 1. Toshiba no longer uses the Cell in it's products. 2. Sony bought the Cell manufacturing plant back from Toshiba 3.

  11. Remember the FANBOYS Rule for Proper Comma Usage

    Commas are the most misused punctuation mark. Leaving a comma out or putting it in the wrong place can cause confusion, but you can avoid comma snafus with the FANBOYS acronym.