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  1. Things fanboys say - PS4 vs Xbox One | N4G

    x box fans are not all perfect too, but this site, i have noticed Sony fanboy craziness. Sony seems to be given a pass by many of you even when its clear they lied or fucked up. I have been on here for 5 to 6 months and i have criticised Microsoft and Sony. Some of you here seem incapable of being objective. Microsoft is horrible. Sony makes ...

  2. Sony fanboys are ignorant pricks | N4G

    Sony fanboys are ignorant pricks. There, I said it. To be fair, ALL fanboys of every nature and variety are ruining this world, and they should all be killed. I'm not talking about regular fans of Sony or their console. I have no problem with anyone that has or wants a PS3. I think it's a perfectly fine piece of hardware.

  3. Sony fanboys - full of double standards? | N4G

    The Sony fanboys agree with the ‘great, well-written’ article despite having run-on sentences, spelling errors and lacking depth. There were no reports, other than the mod who took it down, and the contributor was never called out. I wonder how the Sony fanboys would react if it was anti-PS3. Well, let’s turn to:

  4. N4G is a ps3 dominated website, Gamespot is where all the 360 gamers r, so each website has their own share of fanboys.The gaming community in n4g is sliding downhill, because of U fanboys. Thanx a lot. Not only r microsoft and sony laughing at all u fanboys, theyre taking all ur cash as well. @bnaked: Good way to show ur ignorance and fanboyism...

  5. DualSense & Xbox Series X Controller Overlay Comparison | N4G

    I don't care. You and other Xbox fanboys have been claiming Sony copied it since it was revealed. It was fanboy nonsense from the very beginning. "I will say the ds4 overlay does paint a different picture for me. " That's what happens when you actually look rather than automatically adopting the typical Xbox fanboy line.

  6. PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X vs Sabrent Rocket ... -

    Nov 13, 2020 · The PlayStation 5 has now joined the Xbox Series X in being officially launched, and the two current-gen consoles have united with a superfast Sabrent Rocket NVMe M.2 PCIe 4.0 1 TB SSD in a game load time comparison against a lowly PC hard drive. The real celebration here involves saying farewell to last-generation load times.

  7. Fortnite Next-Gen Runs at 4K (1080p on Series S ... -

    Literally any news about Xbox, Nintendo or PC gaming has the same Sony fanboys jumping in and telling us how bad the competition is and how amazing Sony is. It's even got to the point now where I see Sony fanboys flagging actual news as "Lame" because they don't like the news being posted.

  8. Maxconsole writes: 'Court filings in the latest round of arguments show that Sony is now resorting to using fanboy comments posted on forums to promote its latest defense tactic that no one cared about other os so removing it didnt matter'

  9. Former Sony Dev: PS5 and Xbox Series X Power Difference Is ...

    Mar 23, 2020 · Going by the fact sheets, Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series X is quite more powerful than Sony’s PS5. The Series X features 44% more Compute Units and a higher-clocked custom Zen 2 CPU.

  10. Xbox Series X to PS5 Power Difference 'Quite Staggering'

    Mar 22, 2020 · Xbox Series X to PS5 Power Difference 'Quite Staggering' An ex-Sony game designer shares that he's heard developers say the Xbox Series X advantage over the PS5 is 'quite staggering.'

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