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  1. Feb 28, 2021 · The NASA AD-1 was an experimental aircraft (and program) developed by researchers at NASA during the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was developed, built, and tested at NASA's Dryden Flight ...

  2. Jan 27, 2023 · The AD-1 oblique wing research aircraft was photographed during a wing sweep test flight. The aircraft was flown 79 times during the research program conducted at NASA Dryden between 1979 and 1982.

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    AD-1 in flight at 60 degree wing sweep (NASA photo ECN-15846) AD-1 cockpit and intrument panel (NASA photo E-36067) AD-1 inflight from below (NASA photo EC81-14632) FS-2015-04-019 AFRC National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Armstrong Flight Research Center P.O. Box 273.

  4. Mar 9, 2017 · NASA’s AD-1 proved that oblique-wing aircraft are practical, despite their odd appearance. In a century of powered flight, airplanes have varied in size and shape from Sopwiths to 787s, from Cessnas to C-5s, from F-35s to Super Guppys. But almost all had one thing in common: bilateral symmetry. In other words, the left side of the aircraft is ...

  5. The oblique wing on the AD-1 pivoted about the fuselage, remaining perpendicular to it during slow flight and swinging to angles of up to 60 degrees as aircraft speed increased. The swing wing concept was first evaluated by a small, propeller-driven, remotely-piloted research vehicle (RPRV) flown at Dryden in 1976.

  6. These are the image contact sheets for each image resolution of the NASA Dryden AD-1 Oblique Wing Photo Gallery. Project Description: The Ames-Dryden-1 (AD-1) aircraft was designed to investigate the concept of an oblique (pivoting) wing. The wing could be rotated on its center pivot, so that it could be set at its most efficient angle for the ...

  7. NASA AD-1 Oblique Wing Research Aircraft. A scissor-wing aircraft was an early attempt to solve transonic flight issues. It was promising enough that NASA revisited the idea 30 years down the road. By Deb Ings Updated June 8, 2020 Save Article.

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