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    New wave is a broad music genre that encompasses numerous pop-oriented styles from the late 1970s and the 1980s. It was originally used as a catch-all for the music that emerged after punk rock, including punk itself, but may be viewed retrospectively as a more accessible counterpart of post-punk.

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    New Wave (Powerman 5000 album), 2017; Songs "The New Wave", a 1994 single by the band Daft Punk later included in their debut album Homework as "Alive" "New Wave", by The Parkinsons, 2004; Other. New Wave (movement), various artistic movements in film and music; New Wave science fiction, a movement in science fiction; New Wave (design), a ...

  4. New Wave is a broad term, and as such, New Wave artists varied greatly in style, ranging from pure rock, to synthpop, to reggae-influenced music. New Wave, as a genre, additionally had a strong visual aesthetic , and is noted for the colourful fashions which New Wave artists would sport in the 1980s.

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    New wave in Yugoslavia was the new wave music scene of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. As its counterparts, the British and the US new wave, from which the main influences came, the Yugoslav scene was also closely related to punk rock, ska, reggae, 2 Tone, power pop and mod revival. Some of its acts are also counted as belonging to the Yugoslav punk scene which already existed prior to new wave. Such artists were labeled as both punk rock and new wave.

    The Non-Aligned socialist Yugoslavia was never part of the Eastern Bloc and it was open to western influences. The new wave scene in Yugoslavia emerged in the late 1970s and had a significant impact on the Yugoslav culture. The Yugoslav rock scene in general, including the freshly arrived new wave music, was socially accepted, well developed and covered in the media. New wave was especially advocated by the magazines Polet from Zagreb and Džuboks from Belgrade, as well as the TV show ...

    As new wave perished into the mid-1980s, some of the bands split or took different musical directions. The period around 1982 is considered especially crucial concerning the decline of new wave in Yugoslavia. There were several other reasons why Yugoslav new wave started to fade beside the notable general decline of new wave around the world: the economical crisis in Yugoslavia in the first half of the 1980s and the political instability, especially in the Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo

    The Yugoslav new wave period is still considered the "Golden Age" of pop and rock music in the countries that emerged after the breakup of Yugoslavia. The Yugoslav new wave scene gave birth to some of the most important Yugoslav acts ever and it was acclaimed by the Western media for its quality and originality as well. In 2004 Igor Mirković made a film titled Sretno dijete named after a song by Prljavo kazalište. The movie covers the events in the former Yugoslav new wave scene.

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    The new wave of new wave (NWONW) was a term coined by music journalists to describe a subgenre of the British alternative rock scene in the early 1990s, in which bands displayed post-punk and new wave influences, particularly from bands such as The Clash, Blondie, Wire, and The Stranglers.

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    Mas a new wave e certos estilos oitentistas pouco conhecidos como o dream pop ainda resistiam, algumas bandas lançavam sucessos mundiais como "Friday I'm in Love" do The Cure, lançada em 1992, o videoclipe trazia toda a estética alegre apresentada na new wave; "Ordinary World" de Duran Duran e "Dark Is The Night For All" do A-Ha em 1993. Em ...

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    New wave of British heavy metal is within the scope of the Music genres task force of the Music project, a user driven attempt to clean up and standardize music genre articles on Wikipedia. Please visit the task force guidelines page for ideas on how to structure a genre article and help us assess and improve genre articles to good and 1.0 ...

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    New Wave is today a quite broad umbrella term describing popular music from around 1977 to 1986. But originally it was a slim sub genre of Western popular music that arose in the United Kingdom about 1977-78.

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    Synthwave (also called outrun, retrowave, or futuresynth) is an electronic music microgenre that is based predominately on the music associated with action, science-fiction, and horror film soundtracks of the 1980s. Other influences are drawn from that decade's art and video games.