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  1. List of Non GMO Foods | › 224535-list-of-non-gmo-foods

    Nov 20, 2019 · Search by location, name or even the level of support the retailer gives. No matter what store you shop in, you can likely find non-GMO vegetables and fruits. While the term "organic" is broader than "non-GMO," most organic produce is good for a non-GMO diet, according to the Center for Food Safety.

    • Mackenzie Maxwell
  2. The Fruits and Vegetables You Should Always Buy Organic › organic-fruits-and

    Organic farming is good for biodiversity. Organic farmers are growing a wide variety of non-genetically modified (non-GMO) fruits and vegetables. Where factory farming has shrunk our choices in the supermarket to one or two types of any produce variety, organic farmers are resurrecting many heirloom varieties. Organic foods are healthier for you.

  3. How to spot GMO vegetables and fruits vs. Non-GMO - Grafted ... › how-to-spot-gmo-vegetables

    Apr 15, 2021 · 5-digit number that begins with a 8: produce is genetically modified; The truth is that there’s no need to worry about most fruit and vegetables, but keep an eye on their derivatives: Foods and their derivatives that are most likely genetically modified: Corn and soy products are the major GMO crops in the U.S.

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  5. GMO Crops, Animal Food, and Beyond | FDA › food › agricultural-biotechnology

    Only a few types of GMO crops are grown in the United States, but some of these GMOs make up a large percentage of the crop grown (e.g., soybeans, corn, sugar beets, canola, and cotton).. In 2018 ...

  6. Here's what fruits and vegetables looked like before we ... › what-foods-looked-like
    • Wild watermelon. This 17th-century painting by Giovanni Stanchi depicts a watermelon that looks strikingly different from modern melons, as Vox points out.
    • Modern watermelon. Over time, humans have bred watermelons to have a red, fleshy interior — which is actually the placenta — like the ones seen here. Some people think the watermelon in Stanchi's painting may just be unripe or unwatered, but the black seeds in the painting suggest that it was, in fact, ripe.
    • Wild banana. The first bananas may have been cultivated at least 7,000 years ago — and possibly as early as 10,000 years ago — in what is now Papua New Guinea.
    • Modern banana. The hybrid produced the delicious modern banana, with its handy, graspable shape and peelable covering. Compared to its ancestor, the fruit has much smaller seeds, tastes better, and is packed with nutrients.
  7. 10 ways to keep your diet GMO-free - CNN › 2014/03/25 › health
    • Go organic. The USDA National Organic Standards prohibit GMOs, so shopping organic is a great way to avoid them. “Plus, organic foods have (fewer) or no pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, and have a higher vitamin and mineral content as well,” says health and wellness expert Kathy Gruver.
    • Load up on fruits and veggies. Most fresh produce is non-GMO, says Smith, but zucchini, yellow summer squash, edamame, sweet corn and papaya from Hawaii or China are considered high risk and are best avoided.
    • Look for the non-GMO-verified seal. Since GMOs require no labeling, this seal is one of the best ways to tell when foods are free of genetic modification.
    • Join the Tipping Point Campaign. This network of local activists is working to educate communities on the dangers of GMOs. “The concept is that by consumers avoiding GMOs, these ingredients will become a marketing liability, and companies will remove them,” says Smith, whose organization launched the grass-roots movement.
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