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    In chemistry, a nonmetal is a chemical element that generally lacks a predominance of metallic properties; they range from colorless gases (like hydrogen) to shiny and high melting point solids (like boron). The electrons in nonmetals behave differently from those in metals. With some exceptions, those in nonmetals are fixed in place, resulting ...

  2. This line has been called the amphoteric line, the metal-nonmetal line, the metalloid line, the semimetal line, or the staircase. [2] [n 1] While it has also been called the Zintl border [8] or the Zintl line [9] [10] these terms instead refer to a vertical line sometimes drawn between groups 13 and 14.

  3. Weblio英和・和英辞典に掲載されている「Wikipedia英語版」の記事は、WikipediaのMetalloid (改訂履歴)の記事を複製、再配布したものにあたり、Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA)もしくはGNU Free Documentation Licenseというライセンスの下で提供されています。

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